2015 AAFTA Handbook

You can download the handbook here .  Recent changes are listed here

Upcoming Regional & Grand Prix Matches

  • Inaugual Match at Boerne, Texas (Texas Grand Prix) - Mar 22: Registration Form
  • Cajun Spring Classic - Mar 28-29: Information and Registration
  • Heflin Open - May 16-17: Information and Registration
  • Mason Dixon Shootout - May 16-17: Registration Form
  • Crosman All-American - June 13-14: Information and Registration
  • Oregon State Championships (AAFTA Grand Prix) - June 27-28: Registration Form
  • Nevada State Grand Prix - July 25-26:Registration Form
  • Western States Regional (AAFTA Grand Prix) - Aug 15-16: Registration Form
  • Pyramyd Air Cup - Sep 11-13: Information and Registration Form
  • Republic of Texas (ROT) Grand Prix Match - Sep 12-13:Registration Form
  • AZ State Championship (Grand Prix) - Sep 19-20: Information and Registration Form
  • AAFTA Nationals - Oct 9-11: Information and Registration
  • The Long Island Championship (Grand Prix) - Oct 24-25: Registration and Information
  • Republic Of Texas (ROT) - March 7-9: Registration Form
  • Cajun Spring Classic - April 12-13: Registration Form
  • Mason-Dixon Shootout - May 17-18: Registration Form
  • Temecula Challenge - May 17-18: Registration Form
  • Good Ole Boys - June 6-8: Registration Form
  • Oregon State - June 27-29: Registration Form
  • Northeast Regional - July 11-13: Registration Form
  • BCSA Grand Prix - Aug2-3: Registration Form
  • Western States - Aug 16-17: Registration Form
  • 2014 AAFTA Nationals - Oct 4-5: Registration Form
  • California State Match - Nov 1-2: Registration Form

  • Overall Results
  • USA Team Results
  • USA Team Picture
  • Congratulations to our Team on a job well done!... We're proud of you!

    Administrative Updates

    We're excited to announce the launch of a new forum to serve our community, namely the "FT Community" forum.
    And of course, you are invited to join us!

    Here's the registration and login URL: Members Forum
    Or simply click on the "Members Forum" menu tab shown above.

    New AAFTA Member Clubs

  • Ohio Airgun & FT Shooters Association - OAFTSA
       Location: Hartsgrove, OH
       Contact: Tyler Patner

  • Phoenix Airgun Club - PAC
       Location: Phoenix, AZ
       Contact: Garrett Kwakkestein

  • Rochester Brooks Gun Club - RBGC
       Location: Rush, NY
       Contact: Sean McDaniel

  • Southern Michigan Gun Club - SMGC
       Location: Mattawan, MI
       Contact: Chris Martin
  • 2014 Annual Meeting: Voting Results
  • 2014 AAFTA Grand Prix: Results
  • Grand Prix Rules: 2015 and onward
  • 2013 Nationals

    The AAFTA Nationals for 2013 was held at the Yegua Airgun Club (YAC) October 12-13, 2013:  Match Report

    2013 Nationals - Updates

    Canadian Nationals -- July 27 & 28

    CAFTA is holding the Canadian Nationals July 27 & 28 with sight-in on the 26th. Here is the link for registration.  Note that it is very easy to take a rifle into Canada as explained in the registration and links. Pistols are another story -- basically not allowed without great hassles.  Also, there is a $25 fee per person for firearms (yes, in Canada most air rifles are firearms). Getting back into the states is even easier with the Canadian entry forms in-hand. CAFTA puts on a great match with lots of door prizes.

    2013 Republic Of Texas (ROT) - Regional & Grand Prix: Mar 2-3

    Hosted by the Yegua Airgun Club (YAC):  Registration and information.

    2013 Tennessee Two Step Championship & Grand Prix: June 7-9

    Hosted by Good Ole Boys (GoB) & Invicta FTC (IFTC):  Registration

    2013 Oregon State Championship: June 15-16

    Hosted by Ashland Air Rifle Range (AAR):  Registration and information.

    2013 Northeast Regional & Grand Prix: July 13-14

    Hosted by Eastern FT Competitors' Club (EFTCC):  Registration and information.

    2013 BCSA Grand Prix: August 3-4

    Hosted by Broome County Sportsman's Association (BCSA):  Registration.

    2013 Georgia State Championship & Grand Prix: September 28-29

    Hosted by Airgunning Atlanta:  Registration.

    2013 Western States Regional & Grand Prix: August 17-18

    Hosted by Morro Bay Airgunners (SLSBA):  Registration and information.

    2012 Nationals Report

    Here's the 2012 Nationals Report. The 2013 Nationals will be in Texas