World Field Target Federation

Much as AAFTA is an Association of Member Clubs, the WFTF is an Association of Member Associations. These are organized on a country by country basis with each county having a single vote so that all voices are heard equally. The WFTF is bound with the task of promoting Field Target on a global basis, adding additional countries to the association, and growing the sport into new cultures and new societies. This is an exciting time for Field Target as we are seeing an explosive growth of new countries wetting their feet and whetting their appetites for FT and the camaraderie and competition it brings.

The WFTF is responsible for organizing and overseeing a World Championship Match each calendar year. WFTF Members (countries) put bids in each year to hold a future World Championships where shooters from all WFTF Member Association come together and compete for the top prize of World Champion.