CASA May 24 Match Results

As the new Range Master, Jose Nunez (with help) put on a successful match today at the Angeles venue.

The temperature was warm but not hot. Winds were calm and probably averaged 1-2mph with a few gusts. We had a 12 lane, 50 shot match, with one lane having three targets. We had the typical array of difficult targets including numerous tree shots along with some easy targets to get our confidence up for the upcoming Oregon match.

place, name, rifle, scope, pellet, SCORE

Open Division
PCP class:
1. Tim McMurray, USFT, Leopold 35-45X, JSB 13.43gr RS, SCORE 48
2. Hector Alfaro, USFT, Premier 20-50X, CPH 10.5gr, SCORE 46
3. Bill Tramel, USFT, Nikko, 10.34gr, SCORE 40
4-5. George Doganis, Rapid MFR, Hawke 8-32X, JSB H, SCORE 39
4-5. Patrick Farina, USFT, Leopold 35-45X, JSB 13.43gr RS, SCORE 39
6. Kelly Hawe, Daystate CR97, BSA 10-50X, CPH 10.5gr, SCORE 38
7. Linzie Boise, USFT, Nikko, CPH 10.5gr, SCORE 34

Piston class:
1. Ron Jobbes, TX200, Bushnell 32X, JSB 8.4gr, SCORE 31

Hunter Division
PCP class:
1. Jose Nunez, USFT, FM 6-14X@12x, AA Falcon 13.43gr, SCORE 33

Piston class:
1. Scott Hull, TF58, Leapers 3-12X, JSB 7.87gr, SCORE 37