WWCCA August 15th 2010 Field Target Match Report

The weather has been hot and humid with the threat of thunder storms and Fritz, Bill, Joe and I decided it would be prudent to set up on the Air gun range on Saturday. Bill and Fritz didnt have to work to hard at convincing me as I had to drive to Chicago for work after the match on Sunday. Setting up took 3 hours this month as we didnt have to load the targets in the cart and haul them out to the walk through range. We set up 15 lanes with 2 targets and 2 shots per target for our usual 60 shot match. The troyer rating for this months course was 38.2 and it was a bear. It turned out that Sunday was a beautiful day with no rain until I got to Jackson on my drive to Chicago. It was another good turn out this month as 17 shooters came out to WWCCA to have fun on the range. The hunter class has become the class with the most shooters. It figures as I have crossed over to the dark side and have been shooting hunter this season. I believe that it will become the major class in the future as most of the new shooters have an air gun already that fits the bill. 

Sunday we opened the range at 9:00 AM and the shooters practiced until 10:00 AM. The shooters range and match meeting was completed and we pulled the practice targets so we had clear targets to shoot and the 15 lanes helped to eliminate the congestion we had at the June match. Karen and my brother Joe shot with my gun this month as Karens HW-97 lost its trigger weight screw and spring at last months match. 

We started on lane one and I was surprised how well they shot with my gun as neither one of them had even shot it before. It shows me again that the hunter class seems to be the wave of the future. Fritz Sanders and Wilfred Greaves started on lane three and Fritz placed second in piston class. I have to give Wilfred credit for his love of the game and positive outlook. Ken Matson shot with Andy Wong on lane five with Andy coming in third in piston and Ken also in third in PCP. Bill Dodt was paired with Marty Carie on lane seven and they both posted nice scores in the hunter class. David Dowling and Dino Bortolin started on lane nine with David posting the top hunter score in his first season shooting air guns and will be definitely someone to watch in the future. Dino also posted a good score for his second try at field target. Aaron Carie and Mark Rupert started on lane eleven and they shared Aarons shooting sticks. Mark needed to borrow my screw driver as the match was about to begin because his stock screws were loose, it didnt help to bring back his zero as the match was ready to start. Jeff Paddock brought his niece Briquelle March with her parents to the match. Jeff was top in piston class and Briquelle placed second in International PCP in her second event ever. It has to help having a top shooter for a teacher, not taking anything away from her natural shooting ability, she sure can shoot. Tony South and Lee McCormick started on lane fourteen and after a long absence Tony still placed first in International PCP tying Jeff for the top score of the match. It was great to see both of them again for the first time this season. 

Tony South EV-2 Leopold 35 .177 JSB 51 Intl PCP 
Briquelle March Discovery Bushnell Elite 8-32x40 .177 CPL 40 Intl PCP 
Ken Matson Daystate MK3 Nikko 10-50x60 .177 JSB 31 PCP 
Jeff Paddock HW-97 Bushnell Elite 8-32x40 .177 CPL 51 Piston 
Fritz Sanders TX-200 Swift 8-32x50 .177 CPL 38 Piston 
Andy Wong TX-200 Osprey 10-40x50 .177 CPL 30 Piston 
Lee McCormick TX-200 SR Bushnell 8-32x40 .177 CPL 23 Piston 

David Dowling Air Arms 400 Accushot 3-12 .22 JSB 42 Hunter 
Marty Carie Marauder Leapers 3-12 .177 Kodiak 38 Hunter 
Tim Engelhardt FX T-12 Hawke 3-12 .177 CPH 36 Hunter 
Karen Engelhardt FX T-12 Hawke 3-12 .177 CPH 28* Hunter 
Bill Dodt TX -200 Simmons @ 12x .177 JSBL 28* Hunter 
Joseph Engelhardt FX T-12 Hawke 3-12 .177 CPH 27 Hunter 
Dino Bortolin Katana Leapers 3-12 .22 Barracuda 21 Hunter 
Aaron Carie Discovery Pro Air 4-12 .177 JSB L 16 Hunter 
Mark Rupert HW-95 Leupold 3-12 .20 H&N FTS 11 Hunter 
Wilfred Greaves Prosport BSA 4-12 .177 Air Arms 5 Hunter 

Karen was awarded fourth place as she had a longer string of hits than Bill did and this is the standard practice at WWCCA. After the group picked up the targets we all headed to the club house for lunch and I do believe that everyone stayed for lunch this month. After being in the heat the air conditioning was a welcome relief. I want to thank everyone who came out to shoot with us and for helping to clean up the range afterwards. Our Final field target match for the 2010 season is scheduled for September 19th and October 10th we will close the 2010 season with a family fun shoot. Hope to see everyone at our next match, shoot straight and God bless. 

Timothy Engelhardt 
WWCCA Air Gun Chairman