Port Colborne Field Target Club

Results for August 14, 2010 

      We were fortunate enough to have six new shooters join us for this match to offset the loss many who were unable to attend due to holidays and other obligation that are so common during the summer months.  I was pleased that we still had 19 shooters attend and enjoy a great day of shooting.  The day started with a good breeze that gradually died, but it was hot and humid all day.  With the humidex, the temperature felt like 100°F and the shade provided by the forest lanes was a real lifesaver.

      After the sight-in and a brief shooter’s meeting, the match started just after 11:00AM.  At the break, many of the shooters were noticing there were more than a few targets that were well out there.  It did not seem to bother Don, as he was still shooting clean after the first 32 shots.  Most of the rest of us were down a few and sharing excuses.

      The match shooting was over by 3:00PM, but after recording the scores, we had a tie for first in the junior hunter class.  As a result, the first shoot-off we have had in the Junior Hunter class took place between Gillian and Thomas.  On the fourth shot, Thomas took his target down, claiming first, while Gillian left hers standing and took second.  Only one shot behind was Andrew, placing third.  It was a very close match for the juniors.

      In the adult hunter class, Axil, who is still relatively new to the sport recorded an excellent score to take first.  Calran, in his first match was very impressive, placing second.  Rob had a good day once again, rounding out the top three.  Tony finished just one point out of the medals followed closely by Ivan who was shooting in his first match.  Bruce definitely had the longest drive to get to the match and put a lot of lead through his HW97 starting on the sight-in range in the morning to the match and then back to the range after the match.  He scored really well on his first outing with a sub 500fps, .22 caliber gun.  Nick put a lot of pumps into that 2289 and did real well in this his first match.  After being hit from behind in his vehicle just days before the match, Marshall brought out his boys to their fist match and shot well considering his condition.  Way to tough it out Marshall.

      In the WFTF Piston class, both George and Ted had some issues with their rigs that dropped the scores.  George still managed a good score to take first and Ted shot a respectable score as well for second.

      It became evident very early that Don was not going to miss very many and maybe none at all.  Near the end of the match, Don was stung twice by the mosquito target on the long end of the lane I refer to as, “Nicholson Park”.  That lane has put dents in more than a few scores for some unexplained reason.  Don posted the top score to place first in the Open PCP class.  The real race took place for the remaining places.  Len placed second, one point ahead of Dennis E. who placed third, and he was one point up on fourth place that I managed to win this time.  Dennis L. had some regulator issues with his gun that certainly affected his performance.  Tom J., shooting his WFTF rig in the Open class, recorded a very good score as well.

      Shooting continued on the sight-in range until well after 5:00PM and then Dennis E and I headed down to pull up our targets.  It seems everyone had to hit the road so we did not have our usual post match meal and gab session.  Maybe next time.

      A big thank you goes out to all that attended and to those who helped set up the match.  The next one in Port is on September 11th at the usual time.  I hope to see all the regulars plus the new shooters at that one.  Get those rigs dialed in and we’ll have some fun again at the next one. 

                                          Tim MacSweyn 

Results Chart

June 19, 2010        

Rifles are .177 unless designated otherwise.       

  Shooter Diff 33.5T Gun Scope Pellet
  Hunter Division Score /120      
1 Axil Rodrguez 96 AA S410 B&L 6-24 .22 JSBJ
2 Calran Woo+ 87 AAS410 Accushot 8-32 .22 JSBJ
3 Rob Billiard 78 QB78 HPA Leapers 8-32 JSB 8.4
4 Tony Raposo 77 RWS 850 Mag Bushnell 5-15 .22 JSB Ex
5 Ivan Samila+ 74 AA Pro Sport Bushnell 5-15 JSBH
6 Bruce McPhee+ 67 HW97 Leapers 4-12 .22 JSB Ex
7 Nicolas Trequeir+ 58 Cr 2289 Tasco knockoff CR HP
8 Marshall Doan 56 QB79 Tasco 8-32 .22 RWS SD
  Junior Hunter        
1 Thomas Doan+ 62** QB79 Tasco 8-32 .22 RWS SD
2 Gillian Covell 62** QB78 Leapers 4-12 JSB Ex
3 Andrew Doan+ 61 QB79 Tasco 8-32 .22 RWS SD
  Open PCP Score /60      
1 Don Irvine*  58 Steyr LG100FT S&B FT JSBH
2 Len Joe 49 LJFT Bushnell 8-32 JSBH
3 Dennis Eden* 48 Theoben MFR Leup 35 CPH
4 Tim MacSweyn* 47 AA S410C Vortec 6-24 JSB Ex
5 Dennis Leite* 45 EWC-QB78 Leapers 8-32 JSBH
6 Tom Jackson 43 EV-2 Nikko 10-50 JSB 8.4
  WFTF Piston        
1 George Harde 43 TX200 Bushnell 8-32 JSB 8.4
2 Ted Gibson 31 TX200 Bushnell 8-32 JSB 8.4

* Set up lanes for the match 

** Shoot-off

+ New shooter