Oregon State Air Gun Championship Results 7/31 & 8/1 

The weather was sunny, with highs in the mid 80s, and 5-15 mph winds that shifted from NW to N & NE over the days. The 12' high backstop wall we have, really does funny things with the wind. Picture a large bolder in the river and the wave that is forced over it, and the swirling eddies that develop. On one target your windage holdover works fine, then the same distance, same hold, and the pellet hits where you were aiming, while the wind seemed the same. Much fun for me to hear the many groans from shooters. I did explain these secrets, but you had to be there:-) 

We had a 50 target course for rifle, with one shot per target, 3 targets per lane. Pistol offhand was 6-15 yards iron sights, and 10-31 yards with scoped pistols. Pistol courses were two shots per targets for a 50 shot total as well. 

The triathlon was a 150 point possible game, you picked your best 3- 50 shot cards from different class contests. One day of rifle open, or international, or open pistol or scoped pistol, or bench rest. 

I had moved targets around, mostly further back and placed reducers on many of the larger kill zones from the Oak Alley Memorial weekend shootout. I had lots of fun setting up with logs covering half or more of the kill zone, forcing a standing/kneeing shot if you want to see the whole kill zone, or you could shoot the partial kz from a sitting position. I haven't done a Troyer yet, but some felt it could be a 37 to 39 with the mildly windy, but tricky conditions and small kill zones. There was one lane of mandatory standing. We had 11 competitors. 

I tried fit too many things into a two day shoot, and so next time only the rifle event will be a 100 shot contest over two days, and the side shoots will be 50 shots at most and take from to 2 hours to complete. 

For this group, though, the side shoots were very popular, especially ones we could play into the wee hours (1 am), around the campfire, like our new Quigley game with reflectors on the 1-1/2 x 2-1/2 blocks, you knock over at night, in the sand pit 55 yards away, or offhand with pistols at 6 to 10 yards. Or, play "ring the bells" at 7 yards. 

Some of us, when we finally get together, cant stop playing and bull sh___ing about air guns and stuff, while others may wish to do only one event, get a good nights sleep, so they can be their best for the next days shoot. Id like to think I have a facility that works for both groups, especially since I'm in the late night, cant stop playing group. 

So, I'm giving the full results to show what can be done, and what cant be done in a two day shoot. 

Some of us tried hard to fit in all possible events, and like you can see, there are a lot of DNF (did not finish) on the rifle classes & side shoots. I tried allowing folks to shoot in two or more rifle & pistol classes, if they wanted to make the effort to shoot 100, 150 or even 200 shots per day to compete in all events. Tony, Mark, Bob and I were the only ones to try the 150-200 shots per day necessary, and none of us got two 100 shot rifle days, since we also did both 50 shots in iron sights and pistol scoped, and the bench rest events too. But we had fun trying! 

Here are the results: 

1st Wayne Burns Int. 12fpe Rifle- 42/50, Open Rifle 41/50, & Pistol Scoped 42/50 for 125/150 
2nd- Tony Inocentes Open Rifle 42/50, Int. 12fpe Rifle 35/50, & Pistol Scoped 34/50 for 111/150 
3rd- Mark Gravelle Open Rifle 38/50, Bench rest (50% of 67 = 33.5) & Pistol Scoped 39/50 for 110.5/150 


1st -Larry Durham- USFT, Elite 4200 8-32, 10.5 CPH - 37 sat. & 46 sun. for 83/100 
2nd- Ronnie Easton- AAs400, loopy 6.5-20, .22 cal 15.9gr JSB - 37 sat. 43 sun. for 80/100 
3rd - Bob Pont- Marauder, Centerpoint 8-32 x56, .22 cal 14.3 CP. 39 sat. & 35 sun. for 74/100 
Mark Granelle AAs400, Leapers 6-24x56, 8.4 JSB - 38 sat. 33 sun for 71/100 
Tony Inocentes USFT leupold comp 35, CPH 10.5- 42 sat. & dnf. Sunday for 42/50 
Wayne Burns- USFT #6, Nikko Diamond 10-50x60, 10.5 CPH- 41 sat. & dnf. Sunday for 41/50 
Josh Collins- USFT #6, Nikko Diamond 10-50x60, 10.5 CPH- 24 sat. & dnf. Sunday for 24/50 (first meet, and used my gun, great shooting Josh!) 
JD Dodge AAs410SL, Nikko Nigteater 6-24x56, 15.6 .22cal RWS 15.5gr. 22 on Sat. & dnf Sun. for 22/50 
Richard Woods - Hammerii, Hawke 6-24, JSB 10.2- 12 on sat. dnf on Sunday 12/50 


1st Wayne Burns USFT #44, Nikko Diamond 10-50x60, AA Falcon 7.33 gr. 38 sat. & 42 Sun. for 80/100 
2nd tie- Tony Inocentes - Steyr LG 110, Nikko Diamond, 10-50x60, 8.4 JSB- 35 sat. & 33 Sun for 68/100 
2rd tie- Jonathan Reyes TX200 piston, Nikko Diamond 10-50x60 8.4 JSB 37 sat. & 31 Sun. for 68/100 
Mark Gravelle - Falcon FN, Nikko Nighteater 6-24, 7.33 AA falcon - 27 on Sat. & dnf on Sun. for 27/50 
Bob Pont - Falcon FN, Nikko Nighteater 6-24, 7.33 AA falcon - 23 on Sat. & dnf on Sun. for 23/50 


1ST Larry Durham custom LD something, iron sights, 8.4?? - 21 on Sun. and dnf on Sat. for 21/50 
2nd Wayne Burns Air Arms Alfa, iron sights, 7.33 gr AA falcons. - 18 on Sun. dnf on Sat. for 18/50 
3rd Bob Pont Falcon FN 8, peep sights, 7.33 gr AA falcons- 15 on Sat. and dnf on Sun. for 15/50 
Tie- Mark Gravelle - Falcon FN 8, peep sights, 7.33 gr AA falcons- 13 on Sat. and dnf on Sun. for 13/50 
Tie- Tony Inocentes - Mac 1 LD 2240?, open sights, 13.43 JSB Express- 13 on Sat. & dnf Sun. for 13/50 


1st - Ronnie Easton, Mac 1 2240, BSA 4-16, AA Falcon, 13.43 gr. - 41 on sat. & 40 on Sun for 81/100 
Wayne Burns- Air Arms Alfa, BSA 6-24 on 16, AA Falcon 7.33gr. 42 on sat. dnf. On Sun. for 42/50 
Mark Gravelle- Falcon FN 8, scope???, 7.33 gr AA falcons- 39 on Sat. and dnf on Sun. for 39/50 
Tie- Bob Pont- Falcon FN 8, scope???, 7.33 gr AA falcons- 34 on Sat. and dnf on Sun. for 34/50 
Tie- Tony Inocentes- TKO 22, Simmons ?, gr JSB 13.43- 34 on Sat. and dnf on Sun. for 34/50 
JD Dodge Air Arms Alfa, Centerpoint 3-9x32 JSB 8.02 gr. - 10 on Sat, dnf on Sun. for 10/50 


1st Larry Durham custom 32 fpe USFT, Loopy 6.5x20???, .22 cal JSB 15.9gr. - 83/100 
2nd Wayne Burns USFT #6, Nikko Diamond 10-50x60, CPH 10.5gr. - 79/100 
3rd JD Dodge AA EV2 MKIII, Red/Silver, Leapers 8-32x56 8.4 gr. - 78/100 
Mark Gravelle AAs400, Leapers 6-24, 8.4 gr. JSB - 67/100 
Tony Inocentes- USFT - Leupold Comp 35, CPH 10.5 gr. 60/100 
Richard Woods - Hammerii, Hawke 6-24, JSB 10.2- 59/100 
Bob Pont - Marauder, Centerpoint 8-32x56, 14.3gr CP .22 cal. 55/100 
Jonathon Reyes TX200 MK3, Nikko Diamond 10-50x60, JSB 8.4gr. 42/100 


Wacky Wayne, with the home court advantage:-) 
Match Director, 
Ashland Air Rifle Range