NWAFT April 3 Match Report

NWA FT, Capital City Rifle & Revolver, FT Match, 04/03/10.

The weather wasn't as bad as was forecast; but it did rain on and off. The last few storms left plenty on standing water, so the Match was moved indoors into the Smallbore Shooting Range. Its only a 50 range; but small KZs make up for the distance- it was still a demanding course- its nice to have options.

We had 12 shooters today most of the usual shooters. One usual shooter was missing, Morgan Tiffany was in the Hospital, his brother Andre was there to get some practice while his brother was out- they're pretty competitive. The different classes were pretty equally numbered: 5 PCP (2 IC), 3 Piston and 3 Hunters (1 IC), hum, maybe an IC grouping next time?

The Targets had been set up the day before, just leaving the strings to be set, so we started shooting about 10:30 and then the Match about 11:00.

The Match winner was Rick Knowles, IC shooter, shooting his AA EV2 for a score of 38/40. Rick was teamed up with the Dominators, Coach Noel Vaughn and Tom Krugman- with his shiny new Walter LG 300- with the Alloy stock. He shot really well, especially since he was shooting a right handed rifle, left handed. He has a new parts coming; but its a new rifle- so shot it anyway. He managed to knock down the Offhand targets and at that time was the Match Leader; but a few lanes later he missed a couple shots. First place in the PCP class was Dave Gere, shooting his FWB P70, with a score of 38. Third place was Coach Noel Vaughn and his LG300, shooting 38. Next was Brent Saunders, IC shooter, shooting his Beeman Mako for a score of 38.

In case you haven't noticed there were a few 38s listed- 4 people. So we looked at the Offhand lane for tie breakers. This left a 3 way tie- all missed one shot, so we needed a shoot off. We were all hungry to started as soon as everything was figured out. Rick stood up and shot the harder of the offhand targets, 1 KZ at 50, he knocked it down all 4 times- Rick likes shoot offs. Next was Coach Noel, looking pretty tired from the long day, Noel missed the first shot, so next up was Dave Gere, he knocked down the first 3 shots; but again the long day played its part and his forth shot hit metal.

The Piston shooters went to tie breaker too, Terry Cooke and his FWB 300 scored 1 more point on the offhand lane then Howard Lee and his AA Pro Sport, both had 35 points. They were paired together and they stayed pretty equal through the match, it went down to the last few shots. The last lane they both cleaned; but the lane before was the offhand lane- they were really fighting it out for top dog. The other Piston shooter was John Mickel, he was coaching his Granddaughter Sarah Mickel, 12 year old HFTer; but he had a good day with his HW R11.

The Hunter FT Group was lead by JD Dodge, shooting his FT, EV2, for a score of 78/80. He has been working on his offhand and it showed; but he still missed a single shot. I mentioned that he was shooting his FT, EV2; because last weekend he shot his BR EV2 for a perfect score at the same 50 range- the new high score for that range. Second place was newby John Calhoun with a 74, followed by Sarah Mickel, with a score of 67, Sarah was pretty tired from her spring Break- too much fun in too little time. Next was Andre Tiffany, shooting his RWS 48 springer, with a score of 61 points. He shot International style; but he has a new style harness coming- so next time he should be shooting with the other Springers. Or maybe hell forego the harness and shoot in the International Class next time.

Rick Knowles, NorthWest Airgunning

Name: Class Rifle Scope Pellet Velocity 4/3/2010
Knowles, Rick I EV2 Nikko JSB EX 795 38MW
Gere, Dave P P70 Burris Kodiak 750 38P
Vaughn, Noel P LG 300 Tasco JSB 840 38
Saunders, Brent I Mako Leupold CPL 800 38
Cooke, Terry S FWB300 Leapers H&N 660 35S
Lee, Howard S ProSportLeapers JSB EXP 800 35
Krugman, Tom P DominatorHawke JSB EXH 840 31
Mickel, John S R-11 Leapers JSB EXP 800 31
Dodge, JD H EV2 Leapers JSB EX0 78H
Calhoun, John H RWS 54 RWS Kodiak 800 74
Mickel, Sara H S200 Leapers JSB EX 800 67
Tiffany, Andre H RWS48 Leapers Kodiak 61