NWAFT April 24

Only 8 people shooting today, under a perfect 70 degrees with a light wind, that picked up a little toward the end of the match.

Rick Knowles did come down on Thursday and early Friday, but when he saw the course, he thought we would not have time to get it ready for Saturday. So he shot some standing offhand over the tall grass, and went on home. My sister and her friend Kathy and I weed wacked out some tunnels to the targets Thursday and Friday afternoons till night and we had 18 lanes with mostly 3 targets per lane ready Friday night.

It wasn't anywhere near as tough as LD's shoot last weekend, but I made it tougher than usual for half the course, so the new folks could have some easy to med. targets, while Bob and I could get a little tougher practice in. It probably averaged 28 or 30 on Brad's Troyer scale.

Our Millwright, Rick Sharp brought a friend with his two sons, (13 & 14), who had experience with break barrels, but had not seen the likes of an Air Arms S410, AA-MPR FT, or AAs400, let alone my USFT#06.... EYES WIDE OPEN:-)

Bless Bob, he keeps showing up on Saturday afternoons rain or shine. We are having loads of fun, even if it's just the us two. He was so great about helping the new guys to learn the sitting FT position, safety rules, pellet arc, holdover and focused yardage estimating.

A quick lesson that showed results, as the young men and their dad, shooting my three Air Arms, were scoring 50-60% real fast! They only shot 10 lanes and had to go, but they said they'll be back next week, so I was happy our numbers are increasing! And with good shooters to boot!

Bob & I shot another nice match. Bob is getting that .22 cal (that he dialed down to 19fpe), Marauder in a cherry custom field target stock, to really hit it's mark. He's only got a $60 Chinese scope on it, but his natural hold over skills are getting better as he converts those skills from .22 rim fire offhand and bench rest, to air rifle field target.

He shot, (an improved again this week), 56/74. He was at 46/56 before the break, but then went 10/18 as we finished. Those small KZs really put the .22 cal at a disadvantage, unlike at LD's shoot where sometimes, there is a 1-1/2" kill zone, but a 1/2" paddle in the middle of it!.. .22 cal has the advantage on that clever target! Next year, LD, were coming together, both with .22 cal.happy.gif

I was just ahead of Bob, before the break with 47/56 shooting USFT #06, thinking damn it, Bob & his $600 rig is about to beat my butt, and I'm shooting a $3,000 rig happy.gif .. lucky I went 16/18 on the finishing lanes (even 10/12, standing offhand!) to pull out a 63/74 and hold on to my Oregon champions hat happy.gif

I think my choice to put nice FT stocks on the Marauders was smart and dumb at the same time... It could end up really biting me in the butt someday soon!

Wacky Wayne,
Match Director,
Ashland Air Rifle Range

Ashland, OR.