NWAFT, Tacoma Rifle & Revolver FT Match


We had 9 shooters today for the FT Match, it was originally scheduled to be held at Buckley FT; but they are still pretty muddy. We used the first 10 wooded lanes, under a nice wooded canopy. The canopy proved valuable, we had some rain overnight and was still raining when we arrived. But it was the usual Pacific Northwest rain- a light drizzle, and no real problem. By the time we started sighting it had stopped and things were looking much brighter for shooting. The rain/drizzle held off until we were almost complete- just a few drops on the scope body. It was pretty much a spring powered match: 1 PCP/IC, 4 Piston and 3 Hunters.

We weren't sure how many people would show up- the Weather Radar showed scattered storm cells. Again thanks to those that showed up early to help setup in the rain and take everything down at the end. We had set most of the targets up that day before, so just needed to set up the strings and sighter targets.

The Match winner was Rick Knowles, lone PCP/IC shooter, shooting his AA EV2 for a score of 34/40. Rick was teamed up with TRR Air Rifle Chairman and long time Piston Competitor, Howard Lee. The next team was Shane Alexander, Noel Vaughn and Terry Cooke- the piston powered crew. Usually Shane and Howard are teamed together and usually they decide who the winner is. The last few times Shane road with Howard and the thoughts were that if Shane won he'd have a long walk home. This time Shane drove separately, so no fear about winning, so he won! Shooting his HW97 Shane scored 32 points with Howard and his ProSport scoring a 27. We were shooting in the next lane- so lots of fun discussions back and forth. The next shooter was John Mickel, with his R-11.

The Hunter FT Group was lead by JD Dodge, EV2 for 72/80, JD was teamed up with John Calhoun. JD has been working on his offhand and its been showing, just missing a single point on the offhand lane and another on the kneeling lane. Sarah Mickel, shooting with her Grampa, and her AA S200 for a score of 71. Sara started off pretty good; but I guess someone forgot to recharge the rifle, so the power went down and so did the score. Shes a real competitor and was smiling by the end, acting pretty mature for her age (12). Next was John Calhoun with 64.

Thanks again to all the volunteers that make this happen- next weekend there is a FT Match at Ashland FT- maybe see you there.

Rick Knowles, NorthWest Airgunning

Name: Class Rifle Scope Pellet Velocity 4/17/2010
Knowles, Rick I EV2 Nikko JSB EX 802.5 34MW
Alexander, Shane S HW97 Bush JSB 817 32S
Lee, Howard S ProSport Leapers JSB EXP 800 27
Mickel, John S R-11 Leapers JSB EXP 780 23
Cooke, Terry S FWB300 Leapers H&N 660 17
Vaughn, Noel S HW97 Bush JSB 817.3 12
Dodge, JD H EV2 Leapers JSB 8.40 72H
Mickel, Sara H S200 Leapers JSB EX 800 71
Calhoun, John H RWS 54 RWS Kodiak 900 64