MAFTA July 10 Match Report

This is my first attempt at a report for the MAFTA club. But I must say that today's shoot was a great day for Minnesota airgunner's. We had great weather. Temps 70-75 and low winds, well at least till the end of the shoot.

On Thursday Scott (ScottMN) and I did a Troyer calculation on today's match and where we SURPRISED to find it was a Troyer value of 37, not factoring the wind!!!! IMO that is a tough course. But it is a VERY fun to shoot course.

We are lucky to have some of the nations finest shooters in Ron Carlson and John Jiracek, so it has to be tough!

We WELCOME visitors and hope some fellow air gunners in Minnesota might read this and decide to join us for a TEAM shoot match, which is July 30th. This match is REALLY cool because we shoot as a team and new comers could get paired with a veteran and maybe win the whole enchilada!!!! You can find more details at our web site:


Open PCP Class
John Jiracek Steyr CPH 59/60 YIKES!
Dan Owen Steyr CPH 51/60
Karen Skogen NJR-100 CPH 41/60
Dale Montibraind Anschutz CPH 40/60

WFTF Class (12 lb class)
Ron Carlson AA EV-2 AA 8.4 50/60
Mark Caitlin Steyr JSB 44/60

Hunter Class
Mike Schmeling Marauder CPH 45/60
Scott Lueders HW50 JSB 39/60
Rod Skogen TX200 CPL 30/60

Youth Class
Jake Lueders R7 JSB 20/60

Pete Brooks RWS 56 ??? 41.5/60