GOB September 4 Match Results

Beautiful weather in Tennessee for the GOB's

We had a small crowd for today's match at Roz's Hollow. Everybody's busy. Only six showed up, but we had a good time. Even had a bobcat on one of Steve Vines lanes. He was a little curious about the turkey target. It was about 59 degrees F when we were sighting in and only got up to about 84 at the finish. Roz set up an extra lane for standing only, so we had the possibility of a 66 total score. Harold came close with 62/66 overall with his USFT and Leupold 35X scope. Roz also had several 50-55yd targets getting ready for the Bluegrass 100 next week in KY. There weren't a lot of gimmes. Is that actually a word and is the spelling correct?

The Rushton's showed up in force as Matt used Harold's 12 fpe EV-2 with another Leupold 35X scope and came up with overall second place and a score of 59/66. Wish he could go to KY with us next week.

I got to shoot with Roz and it was a pleasure. He picked up third overall with 55/66 using his MFR and Nikko 10x50 scope. I was hard pressed to stay close with the USFT #217 carbine and Nikko 10x50 scope and finished with 50/66. I blew it at the end and collected 3's on the last two lanes. Somehow, it always happens that way. I couldn't even blame it on Mother Nature this time. I think there was a black eagle (buzzard) flying over me most of the day.

We had two piston shooters and they had a good time together. My buddy Steve Vines from right downtown Nashville used his beautiful TX with a B & L 6x24 scope to put together a score of 43/66. He is slowly inching up toward the PCP shooters. Allen Hughes also had a TX200 with a Bushnell Elite 8x32 scope and got a 36/66.

We missed Cliff Smith today, but he has gone back to Gater Land for a while. Maybe he can straighten Shane out down there. We are realy missing David Brown and I know he is wanting to get back. We were sorry to hear that he had lost an uncle last week. I donft want to keep talking about missing someone, cause I will always do just that. Would like to see more of Rod, John Blount and Tammy though. Rick went to KY and just never came back.

Well, Roz is coming by this Friday and we're off to the Bluegrass state for the weekend. Should be a lot of fun. I'll get to see Hans and Ray again. Looking forward to that. They're good people. For me, it's the first time up there to shoot and I'm looking forward to it.

See y'all in KY