GOB April 17 Match Results

The forecast was for rain showers in middle Tennessee, but for a change we only had very light sprinkles and light wind with occasional gusts in the pines. It was cool, but comfortable with cloudy skies during the competition. Ten shooters showed up and we had a great time shooting 2 targets per lane with 3 shots at each target for a total of 60 shots. This was all in the pines on the white course. Roz had started a new lane and had us worried until Harold said it was for the pistol competition in June. It looks tough with a little uphill to it. Well, maybe a whole lot of uphill. You really never know what Roz might throw in the pot. Hefs been known for 3/4" targets at 50yds and worse. I think he tends to be a little diabolical at times and with Cliff Smith, Brad Troyer and David Slade around, you never know what just might pop up. At least, that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it.

We had the safety meeting around 10AM and then split up into pairs and headed for the pines. The course was nearly perfect. No mud, rain and very little wind.

Several regulars were missing. Rod Bradley had something to do around home, Brad Troyer was busy and John and Tammy are busy starting their garden. Kevin Blankenship came back with a new TX and a Hawke scope and did well in the springer class.

Harold Rushton, after a clean sweep in Baton Rouge last weekend kept things going on a pretty tough course with a 59/60. I got to pair up with David Brown with his unbelievable RWS 75 and Sightron scope shooting at 6.5fpe. David had terrible luck to start with. His scope was 8 or 9 clicks off to the right. It took him 2 1/2 lanes to get it straightened out and then he got a full turn out with his elevation knob. Even with all that, he finished with a 37/60. He will be tough to deal with when he brings on the heavy artillery. He may even just decide to stay with the RWS 75 and humiliate most of us even more.

Cliff and Roz were playing today with R-9s and tied with 33/60. Steve Vines thought he had serious problems with his TX, but ended up with a very respectable score of 35/60. Dottie Berry had the second highest score with her MFR (51/60). After a weeks hard work, I struggled and dropped 2 points under lthe last match with 49/60. David Slade shot in the International class at 12fpe by himself and got a good score of 43/60. Someone said that he had scope problems and I don't doubt it. He shoots better with problems than most do without them. Charles Garvey shot in the hunter class and had a score of 53/60. Ifm not sure whether anyone else shot in that class. It's possible that some of the springer shooters did.

Today's scores are as follows:

PCP Class
59/60 Harold Rushton, Steyr, Leupold 35X, CPH 10.5
51/60 Dottie Berry, Theoben MFR, BSA 10x50, JSB
49/60 Pat OfBrien, USFT Carbine #217, Nikko 10x50, JSB 10.2

International Class
43/60 David Slade, Theoben Rapid FT, B & L 6x24, JSB 8.44

Hunter Class
53/60 Charles Garvey, MFR, Bushnell 6x24, CPH 10.5

Piston Class
37/60 David Brown, RWS 75, Sightron 6x24, JSB 7.9
35/60 Steve Vines, TX200, Bushnell Elite, 4200 6x24, JSB Express
33/60 Cliff Smith, R-9, Simmons 6.5x20 WTC, CPL 7.9
33/60 Roz Sumpter, R-9, Bushnell Trophy 6x24, H & N Trophy
30/60 Kevin Blankenship, TX200, Hawke Eclipse, JSB Exact

There will be a workday prior to the June GOB Match on May 1, 2010. Play in the AM and work after lunch So, bring your rifles and shoot a little and work a little. I've already applied for the stupidvisor's job.

Also, David Slade and David Brown are collaborating on a new course that will be in Minor Hill, west of Pulaski, TN. Dates will be announced later on the Green forum and the GOB forum.

I think there is a match at Hefin, AL next week. Paul, can you confirm this? Wish I could go. It's a great course and some fine people.

Good shooting,