Another tÍtÍ-a-tÍtÍ with Mother Nature -- it was a bit iffy at 7:30am for many of us as we drove to Damascus for the match, but by 8:30am it was clear. By 9:30am or so, it was clear and windy (supposedly gusts to 40mph!).

We had 15 shooters and the wind. Usually, by the time the trees have leafed-out, the wind is not much of a factor. For this match, it was definitely a factor.  Even so, the top scores were only down about 5 points from a typical match.  Rex Gori turned in a fantastic score of 49 out of 60 using a TX200. This was only 3 points lower than the top International score and one point below the PCP top score. Another remarkable score was Dale Benson shooting Piston all offhand and scoring 25/60.

This was our first try at Pistol FT with 4 shooters. We had the PFT shooters shoot at only the first target on each lane during the match while also shooting rifle. One suggestion that we will try next time is to allow the PFT shooter to pick any of the three targets to shoot since the closest target was not necessarily the easiest (all were pretty hard). We used the junior scoring system of one point for a face hit and two for a "kill." Two shooters were in each class: 12X or less scoped; red-dot or open sights. All PFT shooting was standing with the gun supported only by the hands.

The next match is June 19.



Name Score
Hans Apelles 50
Keng-Hao Liu 43
Al Otter 40


Name Score
Ray Apelles 52
Joe McDaniel 48
Keith Knoblauch 39


Name Score
Phil Dean 42
Bill Gazdik 37
Singson Tiu 27
Chuck Jordan 27
Andy Stephens 25


Name Score
Rex Gori 49
Dale Benson 25
Karl Krchma 22
Yu-Wei Sung 12

Pistol FT:

Name Class Score
Joe McDaniel Iron/Reddot 44
Rex Gori Iron/Reddot 39
Hans Apelles Scoped 45
Ray Apelles Scoped 40