DIFTA April 17 Match Results

The weather was (as promised) fantastic for FT. It was in the high 50's but did not feel like it with the winds blowing (supposedly gusting to 30mph in the open). In the woods and down low, it was still blowing enough that for this shooter he held abut 3" left (windward) and watched his pellet go about 3" right of the kill zone at 52 yds. While I try to practice in the wind as much as possible, this much wind is hard to find!

We had 16 shooters for our first match of the year along with a couple of new and new-to-DIFTA shooters. Scores were pretty close within divisions even with some very challenging shots on a couple of lanes and 6 offhand shots.

We want to thank everyone for coming and hope for even more shooters in the future matches with the next being May 8. Since DIFTA is hosting the Nationals this year, we would encourage all shooters to try to make a visit ahead of that match in October to come and get a feel for what will be one of the two courses for the Nationals.

Name Score
John Marante 53
Al Otter 50
Carl Johnson 47
Tinh Nguyen 45
Jan Vanderberg 30
Name Score
Don Mathison 47
Joe McDaniel 45
Keith Knoblach 40
Chuck Jordan 36
Name Score
Rex Gori 35
Name Score
Roy Adkins 33
Phil Dean 32
Andrew Stephens 23
Bill Gazdik 22
Steve Lefebvre 20
Name Score
Dale Bensen 23