Diablo Rod & Gun Club FT Match Report 7/18/10

Today's match at Diablo Rod and Gun Club(DRGC) will be a change of pace as we are shooting a reduced shot course and having a potluck lunch and airgun swap meet. As such we will forgo having a Pistol FT Match to accommodate extended eating, negotiating and a more social setting to relax and have some fun.

To mix things up, a few of us decided to try Hunter Field Target(HFT) in Spring Piston Class. Hunter is a class that is expected to open the door for many new and experienced shooters to shooting at knockover Field Targets as the equipment restrictions keep cost of entry at a minimum in comparison to shooting Full Blown FT Rigs and hopefully keep them shooting HFT or give Field Target a whirl as well.

At DRGC, Eric K. aka Oldshooter, is the long standing HFT Shooter that everyone identifies with when HFT at our club is mentioned. He's a purist if you will, the kind of guy that shoots HFT with a variety of self tuned affordable break barrel springers like R7's, RWS 34s and RWS350's. Today Lonnie S. and I decided we would give HFT a whirl and see what our good friend enjoys so much about HFT that has kept him faithfully shooting this class over the years.

While driving to the range, my mind was kind of racing on several levels, wondering if I was gonna see a POI shift from having set up all my holdover based on the rifle in a Caldwell Tackdriver Bag vs. Off the Knee in the match and feeling hungry already, wanting to fire up the bbq and start cooking when I get to the range! Plus wondering what was gonna be on the swap tables!!!

Arriving at the match, the range is stirring with activity as the course is set, food is being unloaded and gear being set up for viewing!

Today I'm shooting my Blue Laminate Paul Watts Advanced Tuned HW97k(.20) with Hawke Tactical Sidewinder 10 x 42 Mildot Scope. I figure, I'll just a take a few shots to see if it hits where I aim on some spinners and call it good as I'm probably only good for X number of good springer shots so why push it, lol! It seems to be hitting so after a handful of shots, I get up to touch base with the folks that I don't get to see often enough.

The temps are warming up, not scorching but the heat is making its presence known. Pat J. takes a shot at a very generous kz and misses and looks a bit bewildered as to how he could miss it that bad. Shoots again and realizes a POI shift and starts looking at his gun, opening the loading port up reveals a Breach Seal that looked like a wad of chewed up bubble gum!!!  From this point on he is stuck guesstimating the holdover for the added new variable!

As we're shooting, another Father & Son team come walking onto the range and its James Manou from Cometa USA and his son Nicolas!!!

They came out to visit, say hi and drop off some products to local customers! Next time James plans on bringing his rifle to have some fun shooting FT!

Elsewhere on the course, veteran FT Shooter Bill H. and his Steyr LG100ZM are paired up with Match Director Jonathan R. and his TX200MKII enjoying a relaxing day on the range. Strangely enough Bill's gun started acting up and a quick chrony check revealed that its shooting a 40fps spread, possibly another victim of Heat Fatigue! Time for a visit to AZ's health spa treatment after the match!!!

Another twist for today's match is a forced position Kneeling Lane which caught some off guard and had folks wondering how am I supposed to hold this position and shoot?!?!

We're also noticing targets are a little more challenging at the end with elevation, obstacles and tiny kz's! It was pretty amazing, Son L. who was shooting his new TX behind us actually threaded the needle and put a pellet through the tiny killzone of that red boar target!!!
With the end of the match, Eric and I shake hands, thanking each other for yet another wonderfully fun day of airgun shooting. This is followed by a beeline towards refreshments and to get the grill started!!!

Once the grill was up to operating temps, I started cooking Korean Style Boneless Short Ribs that I marinated the night before. A few minutes later, John L. fired up the other grill and got some links in motion, followed by huge Beef Ribs prepared by Guy O. and more Polish Links from Bill H. People were trickling over and getting plates ready with Pasta Salad, Potato Salad, Egg Rolls, Fresh Fruit, drinks, home made brownies, cookies, etc. that was completing the chow line. Folks brought so much food that some of it didn't even get cooked as there was an overload of that will get cooked later.

As we are eating and relaxing, the scores are being tallied up and there are some shoot offs coming!!! In PCP Class, there's a 3 way tie for 2nd and 3rd between Ronnie E., John L. and Guy O. who are tied at 40!

Also, Greg T., Bill H. and Maneva G. are tied at 31!

In the race for 2nd, 3rd and 4th Place, as the shooters line up, Guy O. had already put his rig away and decided to just share Ronnie's new gun! Everyone was teasing Ronnie about "Oh no, you're gonna get beat with your own gun!!!"

Battling it out for 2nd and 3rd, Guy comments that the z's look small and realizes that Ronnie's scope is a Leupold 6.5 - 20 x 40AO EFR! He laughs and tries to settle down.

The crowd quiets down, the air is thick with rising heat and suspense!

John is ready, he breaks the shot and scores another hit!!! Guy lines up, breaks the shot and hits face plate!!! Whew, what a show!!!

Next in line is Greg and Maneva:

Pressure is on, John is ready, breaks the shot and scores a hit!!!

Maneva goes through her systematic sequence of setting up for a shot. Cool as a cucumber and accustomed to competition, she breaks the shot and the target falls like clockwork! Greg is up and also a seasoned competitor in a variety of shooting sports. He gets lined up, shoots and the target stands proud, kudos to the young gun!!!

AAt the end of the day, the final scores were as follows:
Class Place Shooter Rifle Scope Pellet Score (/44)
  1 Kevin Y USFT Carbine     44
  2 John L USFT Bushnell 8-32 CPH 40
  3 Guy O P70FT (WFTF) Nikko 10-50 JSB 40
  4 Ronnie R AA S400 Leupold 6.5-20 JSB (.22) 40
  5 Maneva G BSA Hornet BSA 8-32 CPH 31
  6 Greg T Walther LG300 FT Bushnell 8-32 Kodiak 31
  7 Bill H Steyr LG100ZM Nikko CPH 31
  8 George B Steyr LG110 FT   JSBEH 28
  1 Paul B HW97 Bushnell 8-32 JSB 32
  2 Johathan R TX200 Bushnell 7-21 JSB 28
  3 Pat J HW97 Leapers 8-32 JSB 27
  4 Son Lu TX200 Leapers 6-24 CPH 21
  5 Mike G HW97 Nikko 8-32 JSB 14
  1 Tony L HW97 Hawke 10 CP 26
  2 Lonnie S R9   JSB 25
  3 Eric K RWS 34     20

At this time, I would like to congratulate our outstanding Junior Maneva G. for her performance at the 2010 NRA and CMP 3P Nationals Events where she took 2nd at the NRA Event and 1st at the CMP in her age division/Sporter Class. At the CMP she scored the most bulls as well out of all the competitors!!! Fine shooting indeed and its going to be fun watching her travel this path!

In closing I must say that it was a truly fun day for Diablo Rod and Gun Club at the USI Gun Range. With all the shooting, camaraderie, and food at hand, it was a fine day that was capped off by a visit from USI Range President, Vice President and General Manager as we bq'd. They came down to say hi and let us know that they were happy with the fine job we have done with promoting/developing airgun shooting and to keep up the good work!

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