CASA April 25

The day dawned bright and clear for another day of field target at the Angeles range. I arrived around 8:00 to find Tim getting the weed whacker-ready. The lawnmower came out and I set about to mow the practice range while Tim did the gardening chores on the shooting lanes. Others arrived and pitched in and the work went quickly. Once this work was done we set up the range and a hot line was called.
Wind conditions were moderate and after all was said and done Vince Pacheco shot a perfect 44/44. Great shooting , Vince. Vipha miller and Larry Durham tied for second and after a shoot off Vipha captured second. Yours truly noticed a plethora of 22 yard targets with small kill zones and it seemed like I couldn't hit any of them.
1. Vince Pacheco, USFT # 13, 10x50 Nikko, JSBheavy...44/44
2. Vipha Miller. P70...42
3. Larry Durham,USFT special, Bushnel 6x24, JSB heavy......42
4. Doug Miller, P70, Nikko 10x50, CPH......41
5. Tim McMurray,USFT Simple Simon, Nikko,.....37
6. Fan Boyett, USFT #11, BSA 10x50 ,CPH........37
7. Larry Pirrone, TX 200 Vortek (springer), hawke 8x32 sr 12, jsb exact 8.4.........32
8. John Meyer, AA s410, Leapers 4x16, JSB 15.9......25
9. Bruce Adamson, Crossman Marauder, HAWKE,......19

Larry Pirrone