Airgunners of Arizona Field Target Match Report

Camp Verde, AZ – March 6, 2010 


Aaaahhhhh, My first match back!  I am more than ready to get back out and knock down some targets after not being able to since December.  Saturday morning finds Larry Piercy waiting outside my door to load his truck for the 1-3/4 hour drive up to Camp Verde.  The air is a bit chilly but with a lot of cloud cover preceding a weather front coming through later.  The roads are reasonably clear and traffic flows north out of Phoenix without problem.  Leaving the city behind, we encounter a few idiot drivers in a hurry for their upcoming heart attacks or other pressing matters.  The desert, from recent rains (this is another El Nino year) is very green and we let the scenery melt away any anxiety.  It is not long and we reach Bobby and Sandy Corcorran’s place in Camp Verde for another wonderful day of shooting field target with friends. 

There are 19 of us who have converged here.  The air is initially quite chilly, but as soon as the sun burns away some of the cloud cover, it begins to warm up.  It would get windier as the day progressed, and the clouds would give way to bright sunshine for a few hours before clouding over again.  We are truly blessed to be living in Arizona and some of the best airgun shooting conditions found anywhere. 

The air “appears” motionless during sight in and I am trying to figure out where my TX is hitting since putting in a new spring to replace the one that broke last weekend during a very brief practice session.  This new one is only 12 foot-pounds, but I am going to give it a try and see what happens.  I have rudimentary holdover settings but need to hurry as the shooters meeting is about to convene. 

I am paired up with Bobby’s next door neighbor, Joe, who is using one of Bobby’s guns.  He will go on to shoot a new personal best and make some very good shots.  He impressed me with the forced standing lane and hitting 3 out of 4 not-so-easy targets.  He did let the cat out of the bag by stating that they were practicing the night before! 

While Joe was hitting what turned out to be 50%, I was hitting…..squat!  I should have brought along a PCP backup, but I was bound and determined to shoot my TX with the intent of promoting more spring piston shooting.  With my performance today, all I can say is, I suck! 

On a much lighter note, Jay Bronaugh brought the whole family to shoot.  His son, Perry, has shot before and this young man has a lot of potential.  Wife, Holli, and daughter, Tessa, were shooting for their very first times.  Jay did a good job coaching them because they all beat me, and had fun doing it, too.  Fortunately they did not laugh openly, or point at me while laughing. 

Bobby was aided by Joe (neighbor) and Larry Nelson, who came up the day before, in setting up the challenging course.  Anyone who has ever shot Bobby’s matches knows that they are in for a good time, and this was no different regarding some of the target placement.  Each lane was a “theme” lane; one lane was discs, another was mosquitos, another was javelina, another turkey, and so on.  He had 2 of each different critter per lane.  I was looking around for a stack of wood that he might use for building an arc and wondering how high the water was going to get for the upcoming storm (It is raining pretty hard here in  Phoenix today – Sunday), and pondering whether I should start calling him Noah. 

The match went flawlessly and when all was said and done, there were 4 shooters tied for the lead with 34 out of 40.  A shoot off was in order.  I called for lane number 8 to be used for the shoot off lane and was immediately overruled by the 4 horsemen.  They trudged in the other direction and found something more suitable, where they could sit and relax!  They were making it difficult for the rest of us because Sandy had the grill working and the aroma of 10 lbs of carne asada wafting down over the firing line had more than a few tummy’s growling. 

After the first shoot through, there were still 2 shooters tied.  Dale and Bobby faced off again as the firing line was moved farther back.  Fortunately Dale outshot Bobby by a point that resulted in a jailbreak rush for the groceries by those who were watching.  Sandy outdoes herself (as does Debbie) each time we invade her turf.  There was enough food to feed an army!  Bobby’s two pooches, along with Larry Nelson’s intrepid attack Chihuahua (also our resident range officer) were doing their best to instill a feeling of guilt while looking at us (eating) through plaintive eyes. 

After eating, we handed out awards, had a short club meeting, and took a group picture for posterity.  Some went back to the sight in range while others packed up for the drive home.  I didn’t take many pictures this month except for the shoot-offs.  If I can get some of the pictures that Bobby took, I will post them separately. 

We will be shooting here again next month on Saturday, April 3.  Hopefully we will see you there.  For those of you who annually frequent LD’s Temecula Challenge, that will be the 3rd weekend of April.  The following month is when Airguns of Arizona is planning to sponsor a 2 day shoot on the weekend of May 15 & 16.  More info to follow on that as it develops. 

So, until next month, practice, practice, practice! 

Respectfully submitted

Mark Kauffman
Secretary / Airgunners of Arizona


Place Shooter Score / 40 Class Gun Mfgr/Model Scope/Power Pellet/Wt
Match Winner Dale Keiser 34 + PCP Daystate CR-X Burris 8-32 CP 10.5
1 Bobby Corcorran 34 + PCP Theoben Rapid Bushnell 6-24 CP 10.5
2 Steve Montgomery 34 + PCP USFT Leupold 45x JSB 10.4
3 Vince Pacheco 34 + PCP USFT BSA 10-50 CP 10.5
4 Debbie Keiser 30 PCP Daystate CR97 SE Burris 8-32 CP 10.5
5 Steve Timarac 29 PCP USFT Nikko Sterling 10-50 CP 10.5
6 Larry Nelson 29 PCP USFT Nikko Sterling 10-50 CP 10.5
7 Robin Montgomery 27 PCP USFT Nikko Sterling 10-50 JSB 10.4
8 Scott Rogers 26 PCP USFT Nikko Sterling 10-50 JSB 10.4
9 Mary Anne McLeod 25 PCP Steyr B&L 15-32 JSB 10.4
10 Ray Horneman 24 PCP Daystate Air Wolf MTC Viper CP 10.5
11 Fan Boyett 20 PCP USFT BSA 10-50 JSB 10.4
12 Joe Gramont 20 PCP Daystate CR-X ST MTC Viper 32 x CP 10.5
Hi JR Male Perry Bronaugh 14 PCP Benjamin Discovery Centerpoint 16x CP 10.5
14 Larry Piercy 14 PCP Daystate CR-X Pro-Custom 8-40 CP 14.3
15 Jay Bronaugh 10 HFT Benjamin Discovery Centerpoint 12x CP 10.5
Hi JR Female Tessa Bronaugh 8 HFT Benjamin Discovery Centerpoint 12x CP 10.5
17 Holli Bronaugh 6 PCP Benjamin Discovery Centerpoint 16x CP 10.5
18 Mark Kauffman 6 Piston Air Arms TX-200 Bushnell 6-24 JSB 8.44