Airgunning Atlanta August 22 Match Results

Despite the rain, five brave souls ventured from the comfort of their beds and came to our local match. It did not look promising when we first arrived, but we decided to stick it out for a while and see if the rain would stop. This turned out to not be a bad situation because we had two new shooters. This gave us time to get to know each other a bit better. Andy Stephens showed up from Douglasville, and Mary Vinson, my wife, also came. Of course I was there along with Ken Hughes and David Kirby. We "old timers" were surprised by the amount of rain we were getting. In twelve years of shooting at this club, I can only remember one other time that it rained like this on a match day. Anyway, the rain finally abated, and we ventured out hoping the rain would not return. 
Other than being extremely muggy, the match was not that bad. There was no wind, the sun was blocked by the clouds, and the temperature probably did not get above 85 degrees. The ground was wet, but not muddy. 
David finally got his first match win with a 37 out of 44 shooting hunter. Andy took this time to learn from our "hunter master" and scored 15 with his Gamo shooting hunter as well. Ken, Doug, and Mary shot 36, 35, and 22 respectively in International class. 
Special kudos to Mary. This was her very first field target match! After 20 years of teasing me for "shooting at trees," she decided to give it a try. As I suspected, she shot very well. More importantly, she had a good time! 

Andy is a great person and shoots well. Now that he knows how to zero his gun and make his mil dots work for him, we might just be in trouble. happy.gif We look forward to seeing him again. 

Match Results 
David Kirby (Hunter) 37/44 AA 400 with a Simmons Whitetail scope 
Ken Hughes (IC) 36/44 AA NJR 100 with a Leapers 36 power scope 
Doug Vinson (IC) 35/44 Ripley Ar5s with a Leupold 35x competition 
Mary Vinson (IC) 22/44 Daystate Harrier S with an Accushot 8-32 scope 
Andy Stephens (Hunter) Gamo Silver Shadow with a Hawk scope