YFTC Jan 11 Match Results

We had a great shoot this weekend. A little cold but.

Our old friend Bob Duncan came out joining the club and shot. Great seeing you Bob.

We also had two new shooters: Mike and Morgan Myers from Somerville. Mike is a coach at Somerville High School and Morgan is in Junior High. She is also the Texas State Silhouette champion and shot very well for her first Field Target match. While our two junior boys were battling it out, she was only 2 shots away from taking 1st place in Junior Class. We look forward in shooting with you both again!

Our next shoot will be on February 9th. Field Target Rifle followed by FT Pistol. If we have time, we will also have a tune-up for the Republic of Texas Man on Man/Double Elimination/Red Ryder BB-Gun Shoot-off.

January 11, 2009 - Field Target Match Results
Phillip Reedy 39/42 1st PCP
Scott York 38 2nd PCP
Raschel York 35 3rd PCP
Ron Robinson 33 1st Hunter
Mike Vredenburg 32
Bob Dunkan 29
Brett Reno 28
Sam Ramirez 28
Bob Zimmerman 27 1st International
Bobby Roberts 27 2nd International
Mike Myers 25 2nd Hunter
Carlos Garza 24 Hunter
Chad Reno 23
Doug Witkowski 23 Hunter
L.D. Witkowski 17 Junior
Morgan Myers 16 Junior/Hunter
Nate Roberts 14 Junior

Silhouette Rifle
Phillip Reedy 31/40 1st
Mike Vredenburg 27 2nd
Ron Robinson 22
Carlos Garza 20
Bobby Roberts 18
Doug Witkowski 17
Keith Kolojaco 15
Sam Ramirez 12

53 Day to ROT