Widder Stephens Match Report for August 8

95 degrees with high humidity. That describes the weather away from the protection of the big oak trees at the Widder today. It was actually comfortable. The occasional breeze rustling through the leaves made for a pleasant match. Well halfway through the match the occasional breeze increased to the next level...whatever that is. It made the longer shots a bit more difficult. We had 8 participants today. I was paired with David Stewart...a new shooter. This was his second match. He doubled his score from the last match. That's not bad at all. He was shooting an RWS 350. When he gets his HW77 set up...watch out.

Harold Rushton was paired with Rod Bradley. Harold was in his normal top form and only dropped one target all day. Whew! We are discussing bringing an air horn for when...uhhh, never mind. Rod was shooting International and only dropped 5. This was Rod's first trip to the Widder. I appreciate the effort he made to get there. He drove about 3.5 hours.

David S. and Dottie were paired up today. David had scope issues. His click settings suddenly changed and everything was going high...way high. It wasn't a revolution off either. I hate equipment problems. Dottie on the other hand was clearing lane after lane and only dropped 3 shots...and she never practices...that's being in the "zone."

Roz and Pat were paired up. They were always at the other end of the course from me but I managed to get a photo at lane 1. Roz only dropped 6 shots and Pat dropped 12. I think this is one of Pat's highest scores.

We had no target issues that caused a change in the score sheet. We had one target fail at the very beginning of the match. I replaced it immediately and the match continued as normal. It's funny that I replaced a fairly new target with a 20 year old target that's seen way more than it's share of matches. The old squirrel is as dependable as it gets. The tree mounted bear almost fell off the tree as the screws weren't secured very well about halfway through the match. It made the target hard to reset but that was the only issue. It worked fine.

I appreciate all the help at the end of the match to gather targets, wind strings and pick up the range. And I appreciate Pat getting there early and helping with the range and running strings.

Shane, we missed you man!


Open PCP
Harold 59
David B. 58
Dottie 57
Roz 54
Pat 48

Rod 55
David S. 39

David St 12

Rod and Harold