Tacoma March 21 Results

Saturday, March, 21st we had a FT Match at the Tacoma Rifle and Revolver. We were ready and expecting out typical poor (or pouring?) weather. Ready to setup under the BR covered area; but the stars aligned and we had a calm, balmy day- 40's(?). We had many new faces and some old ones, a pretty good turn out for a early season match- we had 19 shooters and a few spectators.

We weren't expecting half as many people so we used the first 10 lanes, normally we would have spread out some; but it was cozy. It was good seeing all the friendly faces and some of the same grizzly ones too. Especially some brand new shooters- they didn't really now what they were in for; but had all kinds of new ideas- we'll see how much they can help the economic recovery? We had a pretty good range of shooters and ages: oldest won't say; but youngest was Sarah Mickel (John Mickel's granddaughter), 10 years old and already a veteran. She does better at BR- she hasn't fully grown into her fully modified PCP yet- yes PCP, has a pretty nice granmpa.

We had 3 classes: Sporter (sort of like hunter; but more beginner friendly), Springer and PCP.

Sporter class had: new shooter, Charles Connaly, TX200, 1st, first time shooter John Dodge, AA-400, 2nd, and the veteran Sarah Mickel, Bright Green Tau 200 Jr. in 3rd.

Springer class: Howard Lee, Mickel tuned ProSport, 29/40, 1st place, Shane Alexander, HW-97, 25/40, second place, and Jim Poh, TX-200, 22/25 is 3rd.

PCP class: Rick Knowles, EV-2, 31/40, 1st place, Bill Gruber, P-70, 30/40, 2nd and Mike Hull, EV-2, 27/40 in 3rd.

It was a pretty hard course as the scores show, MD Jim Benson had some twists up his sleeve, we had the usual standing and kneeling and a couple targets that you had to sit tall or low and one you had to stand to even find it (40 yds, .75"?)- they were so hard you had to work this course. But we had no rain, no wind and even filtered sun.