Rodney Boyce

Rodney Boyce

Rodney was affectionately known as the Godfather of Field Target. He and the Kirkendoll brothers were behind the core set of rules that we still use for field target today. He was also my mentor and taught me most of what I know about field targets and competitive shooting in general. Rodney was a fierce competitor and innovator in the game of field target. It is a sad day and I hope that you will join me in sending condolences to the Boyce family.

Brad Troyer,

A time is appointed for all men to die, and there are a myriad of ways and means to
depart this earthly realm. The daily news and our movie industry provide continuous
reminder of this. So when we hear that someone we know well and hold in high regard
has passed peacefully from us, it is comforting. It also should bring focus to the
tenuousness of our own lives and how we live them.

Rodney Boyce was allotted more time in this existence than many, yet somewhat less
than others. This is mostly irrelevant. More important is what we do with what we
have been given. Fortunately, for those who love the sport of Field Target, Rodney
donated a generous portion of his precious time to our interest.

Regarding our sport, Rodney Boyce leaves behind a legacy that should endure for many
years to come. This is because the American Airgun Field Target Association (AAFTA) is
widely considered synonymous, one in the same, with the name Rodney Boyce!

Years ago I read somewhere that: "A man is not truly dead until people no longer
speak his name." If this is the case, Rodney "B" will continue with us for quite some
time. Every time someone discusses the founding of the AAFTA Organization;
whenever people are curious as to who was in the vanguard of our sports' technological
developments; or who was considered to be our first "TOP GUN"; one recurring name will
always surface: RODNEY BOYCE!

We seek ways to honor those we respect and hold in high regard, those who impacted
our lives in a positive manner. So it is at this time.

Here in Tennessee, when someone has done something we are pleased with, we simply say,
"You done good!" So I repeat: "YOU DONE GOOD, RODNEY!!"

I bid you adieu.

I just didn't know what to say! I met with and conversed with Rodney a number of times, and we also emailed each other a few times (Rodney wasn't big on computers), and I don't think we ever disagreed on anything we discussed. Rodney was truly a wise man, and with no doubt, the Father of American Field Target.

It was HE who carefully explained the rationale behind the FT rules he drafted that allowed members of the various clubs to shoot alongside each other, yet still maintain their distinct flavors, should they so desire. And it was HE that explained the Unigue freedoms embodied in the game that would, and has allowed airguns to become more than what they were, and allows young and old to shoot together with skill and distinction.

May God continue to love and keep you in a High Place Rodney! And may those of us who knew him keep him in a high place in our memories.

Larry Durham

Rodney you will be missed. The many conversations regarding Field Target, rifle setup, regulators and harmonics and by all means rules and procedures. Ah those many hours spent at matches and on the phone. Ah yes, you will definitely be missed. We will talk again and perhaps shoot a few lanes together. Thank you for all of your inspiration and the passion for the sport you instilled in all of us that knew you. God Bless you Sir Rodney.

Ray and Hans ~ The "A" Team