Port Colborne Field Target Club

Results for June 20, 2009 

Even though the forecast was dismal, the decision was made to go ahead with the match.  In the morning, the forecast was true to form; it was very wet while we were setting up the lanes.  We had a large tarp over the sight in area and small tarps suspended over every shooting box, so we were ready.  We delayed the start of the match by about 45 minutes and then headed out to the course.  The rain had slowed to almost nothing at all.  For the rest of the day, the tarps were needed only to protect us from the drops falling from the trees.  It was actually very pleasant to shoot, with cooler temperatures and not much wind to deal with.

We were fortunate to have 19 optimistic shooters come out and enjoy the day.  The course difficulty was just about right, providing challenging and encouraging shots.

The Piston Division provided some excitement, with Len shooting a personal best with a very impressive 52.  Ted was the only piston shooter in the WFTF section, so he moved up to open and tied for second with Bill.  Bill won the shoot off to take second place.

The three top shooters in the Hunter Division all scored 80+ and Dennis L. just edged Marshall out by one point for first and Dan placed third.  Luke R. has continued to improve and took home the fourth place medal.  Rodney Joaquin posted a great score in his first match and Chris T. and Archie tied at the end of the day.

Braden had a real challenge for first from his brother in the Junior Hunter class.  Luc has not shot in a match for quite a while and still managed a great score.  Hailey was the victim of some scope issues that dropped her score well below the level she usually achieves.   It is great to see the younger shooters continue to attend.

The WFTF PCP Division had four shooters and while Chris N., in spite of some velocity variations, had a good day placing first, the next three were separated by just a point.  Don, in his debut in WFTF shooting placed second, followed closely by Jeremy and Tom P. 

Dennis E. and I were left to duke it out in the Open PCP division and for this time, I was able to place first.  Who knows for next time?

Before, during and after the match, Danny Reginato, who has shot FT for many years, was selling his FT gear and related items.  There were lots of great deals and many picked up items they had been eying for quite some time.  Thanks to Danny for coming out and Danny thanks all of those who purchased items from him.

Thanks to all who helped to set up lanes and the sight in range.  That help makes matches much easier to manage.

On July 25th and 26th, the CAFTA Nationals will be held at the Elmira Rod & Gun Club and is hosted by the Waterloo FT Club.  I hope many of you will attend and will let George know you are coming.  He has some great plans for meals on both days and knowing how many will be attending will help greatly in the planning for food and awards.  Hope to see many of you there.

Tim MacSweyn

Results Chart

June 20, 2009    

Rifles are .177 unless designated otherwise.

Shooter Diff 30.7T Gun Scope Pellet
Hunter Division Score /120      
1) Dennis Leite* 89 EWC-QB78 Leapers 8-32 JSBH
2) Marshall Doan 88 Crosman 2260 Tasco 6-24 Cr Pts .22
3) Dan Pusaka 80 QB79 Rex 3-9 JSBE
4) Luke Riddel 68 Qb78 Rex 3-9 JSB .22
5) Rodney Joaquin 65 QB78D Rex 3-9 Peak
6) Archie Santos 61 QB78 Rex 3-9 JSB .22
7) Chris Tye 61 QB78 Bushnell 3-9 Da. HP .22
Junior Hunter        
1) Braden Meeboer 74 Crosman 2289 Center P. 4-16 JSBL
2) Luc Meeboer 70 Crosman 2289 Simmons 6.5-20 JSBL
3) Hailey Riddel 27 QB78 Fitco 3-9 JSB .22
Open PCP Score /60      
1) Tim MacSweyn* 56 ld/SS Deben 10-50 CPH
2) Dennis Eden* 53 Theoben MFR Leup Comp 35 CPH
Open Piston        
1) Len Joe 52 FWB 300S Bushnell E 5-15 JSBL
2) Bill Shikatani 37+ AA Pro Sport Bushnell 8-32 JSBH
3) Ted Gibson 37+ TX200 Bushnell 8-32 JSBL
WFTF PCP        
1) Chris Nicholson* 54 AA Pro Target BSA 10-50 JSBL
2) Don Irvine* 47 Steyr LG100FT Deben 10-50 JSBH
2) Jeremy Zobel 46 MPR-FT Nikko 10-50 JSBL
3) Tom Peretti 45 AA S410 Bushnell 8-32 JSBL

* Set up lanes for the match 

+ Place decided by shoot off