MCAFT Alabama State Championship

December 5

Well we made it. A total of 18 shooters braved the chilly December weather to shoot the Alabama State Match at Heflin. The weather was iffy to say the least but the snow turned out to be a wet rain after all. The precipitation had ended by 8 am but was replaced by falling temps and a cold shifting wind primarily from the North but with high humidity levels. Cold and damp. But a bad day shooting FT is better than a good day doing most anything else, so we pressed on.

We welcomed two new shooters, Sloan Bryan and Alan Hughes. It wasn't their first match but was there first time with us. Both shot well in spite of the circumstances.

We had a total of 10 lanes set up on the back course. The TDF was a 30.73 with no wind, with wind it was a 37. The wind was a total game changer. This end of the course is set along a gradual curve that faces a fair sized hill. The wind was coming directly over the hill at times but had enough variance to also travel down the valley between the shooting positions and targets. Though we were warmly dressed, it had an effect on the shooters, dropping the wind chill down in the 20's.

Ken Hughes was really one his A game today, dropping only three shots (I'm not sure but I think it had something to do with his hat). The WFT shooters were all head to head but only one tie breaker was needed for award with Brad Troyer coming out on top. Both Eddie Horne and Doug Vinson shot well as always, winning their classes by a wide margin.


Ken Hughes 57/60
Roz Sumpter 53/60 (tie breaker)
Harold Rushton 53/60
Rod Bradley 52/60
Dottie Berry 47/60
George Hamilton 41/60

Eddie Horne 43/60
David Kirby 37/60
Charlie Hipsher 31/60
Paul Oswalt 30/60
Dave Dostie 26/60

Brad Troyer 45/60 (tie breaker)
David Slade 45/60
Robert Ray 44/60 (tied for 3rd)
Scott Thome 44/60 (tied for 3rd)

Doug Vinson 42/60
Sloan Bryan 29/60
Alan Hughes 22/60

The next order of business was food. We started shooting at 1035 sharp but didn't finish until 2:30 pm and we were famished. Most headed over to Marie's BBQ for a late lunch. Unfortunately I was not able to attend as my wife and I had made plans to head over to a friends house to watch Alabama put a butt whippin' on Florida. So if someone could provide an after action report on the chow, I would appreciate it.

I would like to thank all those who were able to come out and shoot with us. A special thanks to Roz Sumpter and Robert Ray for all their help on Friday afternoon. Also, I would like thank Tammy Perry and the City of Heflin for their ongoing support with FT in Heflin, AL.