LIFT March 8 Results

Just home from the LIFT (Long Island Field Target) get together at the Brookhaven range. We had a nice turnout including many of the regulars that orbit Cobra (Outdoor Sports). A real treat was a visit from Laurie, Hans and Ray of the A team.

After a bit of plinking and a little lunch (thanks Dave and family) we took a turn at a short Field Target course. Four lanes with three targets on each two shots per target for a total possible score of 24. With a little coaching from Ray we had our score cards in order and the game was afoot. This was my first time shooting at the dropping animal targets and I had fun. I was lucky to be shooting with Hans who is clearly a gentleman and a fine shot. The custom Discovery field target rifle Hans was shooting had a very intimidating look when compared to my little AA S200 Mk3. I was a little worried but the friendly advice he and Laurie offered led me to ultimately match him shot for shot for a tie in our two man platoon. I think he was going easy on me! Ray won the day with Guy and Martin right behind him in the standings.

I had the opportunity to shoot one of the A team Discoveries and I'm impressed how accurate and well balanced it is. The trigger is also top notch. Ray told us that the Marauder will be even better. I hope so.

Our little group learned a thing or two about this fun shooting sport and how to organize a match. A great outing with friends both new and old.