GOB May 30 Match Results

Yesterday, we had a fun match and work day in Pulaski, TN at Roz Sumpter's place. The weather could not have been better! It was sunny and in the mid 80's with light breeze. Everyone started arriving by 9:00 AM and we had a quick sight in at the pavilion. Then we were off to the white course for a little practice match. Roz had changed things around to give us a good variety of shots. The course was set up with 10 lanes, 2 targets per lane and we took three shots per target.

I shot with David Brown this time and we had a lot of fun. He and I were both shooting our USFT's. David had just recently put a new Nikko scope on his rifle, so he's still working the bugs out of his numbers. Even with the newly set up scope, David shot the course very well. We started on lane #4 which is an up hill lane with one shot being about 42 yards and the other around 55 yards. It was a pretty tough place to start, but a good confidence builder if you get them all. By the time we made it to lane 8, David had missed a couple, but I was still in good shape with no misses. Roz had set up the far target on lane 8 with a 3/4" kz at around 55 yards. Man, that was tough! As it turned out, I got it twice, but managed my only miss of the day there... Oh well, I guess if there's one to miss, that would be the one!

When David and I arrived at lane one, I had something happen that I probably won't ever see again. I was settled down with my crosshairs on a gray dove target at 18 yards. Just as I was getting set for the shot, I saw a snake head rise up into my scope view! A king snake was attempting to take out my target!! The snake moved up to the dove, assuming that it was real and raised up to take a taste. Evidently the metal dove wasn't tasty enough, so the snake turned away and went back into the woods. That was a pretty cool sight to see! I doubt I'll ever see that happen again...

Brad Troyer and Rick Thompson shot their HW-97's at this match. They were shooting together and just battled it out for the top springer position of the day. Rick was shooting a .20 cal and has been shooting it very well. Brad hasn't shot in the piston division for a while, but sure hasn't lost his touch! Brad ended the day with the top piston score, just a few points ahead of Rick. Great shooting to both of these guys on a tough course with a spring gun...

It was great to see Anden Houben again this weekend. Anden brought his friend and new shooter Michael with him to the match. They shot together and seemed to have a great day of shooting and socializing. Anden was trying out his "work in progress" target stock on his TX200-SR. He has it roughed out, but still has a way to go with the finish. It looked like a good way to really get a feel for what else needs to be done to the stock. I can't wait to see Anden's stock when it is all finished. He is a very talented wood worker and the stock will most likely turn into another master piece when he's done with it!

When we were all done shooting, everyone went over to the Red Course to cut some weeds, position some new target stands and finish getting everything ready for the Championship match. It didn't take long at all to get the final touches done on the course. I can tell all of you now, you are in for a real treat if you're coming to the GOB Championship match! Brad Troyer has done a fantastic job of setting up a very, very nice course down by the creek. The lanes are all nice and shady with a good variety of level, uphill, open field and in the creek shots. I think eveyone's in for a great match!

Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera with me this time. However, we'll have lots of pictures of the GOB Championship match that's coming up in two weeks. I hope everyone of you are ready for a great weekend of shooting, socializing and fun! Because that's what is planned for the Championship match. Until then, I hope you all have a great trip over to Pulaski and we'll see you there!

Harold Rushton

Match Results

Name Score Rifle
Harold Rushton 59/60 USFT #19
Roz Sumpter 55/60 Theoben MFR
David Brown 51/60 USFT
Dottie Berry 42/60 Theoben MFR
Pat O'Brein 17/60 USFT

Name Score Rifle
Brad Troyer 42/60 HW-97
Rick Thompson 39/60 HW-97
Shane Iceberg 19/60 TX-200HC
Anden Houben 16/60 TX-200SR
Michael 5/60 TX-200

Name Score Rifle
David Slade 48/60 Theoben MFR