GOB March 21 Match Results

Yesterday the Good Ole Boy's Field Target Club in Pulaski, Tennessee held the first Spring match of the 2009 season. The match was hosted by our friend Roz Sumpter at his place in Pulaski, Tn. Our match had to be rescheduled due to last weeks rain and bad weather. Fortunately, this weeks weather could not have been better! It was sunny with the temperature in the mid 60's and very light winds.

We all started arriving at the range about 8:00 AM for sight in. Since it was a beautiful day, we had a great turn out for the match. My son, Matthew was home from the Army and he brought his friend Daniel Claytor to the match. When Daniel and Matthew get together, we have to really watch out or they will clown around too much... More about that later!

Since it was such a nice day outside, everyone seemed to really enjoy the sight in. I could have sit there and shot all day at all of the spinners, paper and resetting targets that Roz had placed for us. We had a couple of guys trying out new rigs at this match. Shane brought his new custom TX200 for a trial run. That is one beautiful TX and it is evident that Shane is proud of it and rightfully so. Pat also brought his new USFT that he's working on getting all set up. It's a really neat little USFT carbine that has some really cool looking colors. Overall, I think everyone was having fun before the match even started.

The course for the day was a standard 60 shot Field Target match. There was 10 lanes with 3 targets per lane and we took two shots per target. Roz has done a fantastic job, as usual, of setting up a very interesting course. There are many variations of targets with a bunch of steep uphill shots, downhill shots and they were mixed from close to very long 55 yard shots. Overall the course was very well prepared with a lot of thought and care used in each targets placement.

Brad Troyer and I shot together at this match. We had a great time talking between shots. I always enjoy shooting with Brad and this was no exception. Brad was shooting a beautiful limited edition Air Arms rifle with a really cool stock. I don't think we managed to get any pictures of it, but it was a really neat rifle. He was shooting it very good too. Brad wasn't shooting more than about 15 fpe and without a harness or jacket and shot a great score on the course. I was shooting my USFT at this match. I was hoping to get a little more practice before the Cajun match that is coming up next month. As it turned out, my rifle performed flawlessly and shot very well at this match.

Since this was Daniels first match, he shot with my son Matthew. Matthew let Daniel borrow his Daystate CR-X for this match and Matthew shot International Class with my EV-2. They were located several lanes away from Brad and I so we couldn't keep up with exactly what was going on. They were about halfway through the match when we all heard a loud holler from Dainel! Yep, he finally hit one of those long 50 yard shots and was thrilled with his accomplishment. For some reason, it kind of reminded me of Adam Sandler in the movie "Happy Gilmore" when he was learning to play golf... I guess Daniel will bring the excitement level of Field Target up a notch or two happy.gif

It was great to also see our friend Jim Geddes back with us this season. Jim had to lay off of shooting last year after an injury. I look forward to shooting with Jim again sometime this season and catching up on what he's been up to.

When it was all done, my USFT had performed well and I ended in 1st PCP with a 59/60. David Brown had also shot very well with his Walther Dominator and ended in 2nd PCP with a 57/60. Great shooting David! Roz Sumpter ended the day in 3rd place PCP with 54/60. Our top Piston Shooter was Steve Vines with that beautiful TX200. Steve ended the day with a 36. Rick Thompson recently changed over to Piston Division and came in 2nd with a 30 shooting a rifle that he hasn't owned but a couple of weeks. Jim Geddes and Anden Houben tied for 3rd place Piston, both with a score of 24. Our high Hunter Shooter of the day was Charles Garvey with a 45. My son Matthew was the high International shooter with a 40 for the day.

When we were done with the match, we went back up to the pavilion and Steve Vines prepared a fantastic burger and sausage dog for us. Great job Steve!! I don't think there was even a crumb left once we had a run through Steve's food line...

As a fun sideline, Charles Garvey brought Red Rider BB guns, balloons and stands. So, our last event of the day was a GOB Red Rider BB gun shoot. Everyone had a ball with it! As it turned out, our new guy, Daniel Claytor ended up in a shoot off with Brad Troyer for the BB gun Championship of the day. When it was done, Brad narrowly defeated Daniel for the title of GOB BB gun Top Shooter of the day!

It was truly a fantastic day of shooting, eating, talking airguns and simple relaxation. If you haven't already tried a Good Ole Boy's match, plan now to make it out to the next one. The next GOB match will be held at Roz Sumpter's Place in Pulaski, TN on the second Saturday of April. Also, our next Tennessee match is tentatively scheduled for the first Saturday of April at David Brown's Club, "The Widder Stephens" place in Ethridge, Tn. Check back on this forum for more info on that match in the coming days.

Hope to see you guys at the next match!

Harold Rushton

Match Results:


Name Score Rifle
Harold Rushton 59/60 USFT #19
David Brown 57/60 Walther Dominator
Roz Sumpter 54/60 Theoben MFR
Brad Troyer 53/60 Air Arms Grand Prix
David Slade 50/60 Theoben MFR
Rod Bradley 46/60 Walther Dominator
Pat O'brien 22/60 USFT
Daniel Claytor 21/60 Daystate CR-X


Name Score Rifle
Charles Garvey 45/60 Theoben MFR
John Blount 14/60 Gamo


Name Score Rifle
Matthew Rushton 40/60 Air Arms EV-2


Name Score Rifle
Steve Vines 36/60 Air Arms TX200
Rick Thompson 30/60 HW-97
Jim Geddes 24/60 Air Arms TX200
Anden Houben 24/60 Air Arms TX200SR
Shane Iceberg 22/60 Air Arms TX200HC