GOB June 27 Match Results

Roz Sumpter held a Good Ole Boy's local match last Saturday at his place in Pulaski, Tn. The match was held on the "Red Course" that Brad Troyer set up for the Championship match. It was a re-run for most of us that had shot the course at the Championship match a few weeks ago, but it was still a monster...

Everyone arrived at the sight in range early Saturday and got their respective rigs checked out before heading down to the course. The weather forecast was basically, HOT! By 8:00 AM it was extremely humid and getting worse by the minute. We managed to get the match started just after 9:00 AM to avoid most of the hottest part of the day.

I was paired up with Cliff Smith at this match. We had a great time shooting together. I always enjoy shooting and talking with Cliff. He is a great piston gun shooter and I've learned a lot from him over the past few years. As a matter of fact, I shot my first match with Cliff and Brad Troyer in Huntsville, AL a few years ago. Cliff makes shooting even more fun since he always adds a colorful description at the end of every missed shot... J Given the difficulty of the course, Cliff shot a very good piston score of 41/60.

Roz was definitely on form for the day. He shot his Whiscombe and has evidently got everything working pretty well on that rig again. When it was over, Roz had shot a 50/60 and that is exceptional shooting with a piston rifle on the red course. I'd say you piston shooters had better look out! He's looking to make this year his 5th National Title with that Whiscome!

I was shooting my USFT at this match and hoping for a little better score than I had on the course the first time around. Overall, I was most concerned about the offhand shots and that worked out pretty good this time around. I ended the offhand lane with 5 out of 6 and felt pretty good about it. However, I ended up missing other shots due to wind and silly mistakes that cost several points. When it was all over I ended up only one point higher than my previous score at the Championship match.

Shane was shooting his trusty old TX200 HC at this match. I know that he had done some heavy cleaning after the Championship match and managed to change his Zero. So, he had some set up to work on, but overall did really well. After the match, Shane said he managed to find the chiggers and sweat bees. So, I think he's at home scratching and waiting for the next match... (Dude, next time spray those legs!!)

When it was all over, we helped Brad take the course down for the year. Roz and Cliff will be setting out a new course that we will be shooting in the same location on the first Saturday of July. Anyone interested in shooting with us, come on out! The sight in range will be open at 7:30 AM and the match is scheduled to start by 9:00 AM. We hope to see you all there.

Once again, thanks to Brad Troyer for setting up a fine course for us there by the creek this year! He put in many hours of hard work and it was greatly appreciated by all!

Take care,


Match Results

Name Score Rifle
Harold Rushton 54/60 USFT #19
Brad Troyer 51/60 Air Arms Grand Prix
Dottie Berry 43/60 Theoben MFR
Pat OBrien 35/60 USFT
Atley Troyer 20/60 Falcon FN-19

Roz Sumpter 50/60 Whiscombe
Cliff Smith 41/60 Air Arms TX200
Steve Vines 30/60 Air Arms TX200
Shane Iceberg 29/60 Air Arms TX200HC
Spence Guida 29/60 Unknown
Anden Houben 24/60 Air Arms TX200SR

David Slade 45/60 Theoben MFR

Charles Garvey 48/60 USFT