GOB July 25 Match Report

Yesterday Roz held a GOB match at his place in Pulaski, Tennessee. The weather was forecast to be sunny in the high 80's or low 90's. The day started great with fantastic weather. We all arrived by 9:00 AM and got in our regular warm up on the sight in range.

Roz and Cliff set up the Red course down by the creek for this match. The course consisted of ten lanes, two targets per lane with three shots per target. The layout was wide and varied. We found plenty of those brutal uphill shots at extreme angles, several long 50-55 yard shots and a lot of small kz's out to about 20 or so yards. The variation of target placements made the course very interesting, especially when the winds started to increase about 10:30 AM.

I shot with Charles Garvey at this match. Charles was shooting Hunter with his USFT Hunter model rifle. His rig is set up with a Nikko 10-50 and he's really got it set up and dialed in for Hunter Division shooting. We started on Lane 10 with two fairly close targets. As it turned out, the second of the targets fell off of the elevated stand when Charles attempted to reset it. So, Roz came over and just replaced the target from a nice big 3/4" kz to another with a 3/8" kz. Given that the target was somewhere between 17-19 yards, the shot became a bit more difficult. That proved to be my only miss of the day when I didn't follow through as I should and dropped my shot just a tad low...

We had several new or visiting shooters at this match. Terry Almond from the UK was visiting with Cliff Smith and came to shoot with us. It was great to meet Terry as I have heard a bit about him from Cliff over the past year or two. We also had David Stewart come out for his first shoot of the year. David was shooting his R-9 and is just getting started in Field Target. We enjoyed David's company and I enjoyed joking with him a bit during the match. We're looking forward to David coming back and shooting with us again in the near future! Spence made it back to shoot his R-11 with us again. I enjoyed talking with Spence after the match for a while and hope that he continues to come over and shoot with us as well.

Pat O'Brien is really coming along with his USFT carbine. His overall score has improved greatly this year and this was one of his best to date. When we were done, Pat ended the day with a very respectable 47/60! Considering the winds and steep angles of some of the shots, Pat shot very well. David Brown was shooting his new Steyr at this match. He recently acquired the Steyr and is already shooting it very well. It is a great looking rifle and I'm looking forward to bumming a shot or two one of these days if David will let me give her a try.

Roz was trying out a new Springer FT rig that he had set up. It was a very rare Park 93 semi-recoiless piston rifle. His Park rifle is a very nice looking piston gun. Given the energy level of the rifle, I think that Roz did very well with it. The rifle was shooting JSB Express pellets in the mid 700's fps, so the wind had to be giving him a time on those longer shots. After a few lanes, Roz told me that he wasn't yet pleased with the rifles performance. However, when it was all over, Roz was still at the top of the Piston scores with the Park 93. I've got a feeling that he will sort out his issues with it and be back with an even better score next time.

After the match we all went back to the pole barn to have a little going away party for Shane Iceberg (AKA The Verminator). Shane is leaving us for greener pastures in Florida. We've all enjoyed having Shane attend every match for the last year or so and he has been a great contributor of encouragement and interesting commentary for us all! We'll definitely miss you Shane! So, hurry up and come back to see us buddy... Thanks to David Brown for providing some great grilled hot dogs and fixings after the match.

After announcing scores, Roz had one final announcement... Once Charles and I finished lane ten and walked back down to lane one, Roz went back and changed the 3/8" kz target back to the 3/4" kz for the remainder of the match. Go figure! We were the only ones that shot that 3/8 kz and that was the one I managed to miss... We all got a kick out of it and it was all in good fun. I guess I'm going to have to keep a closer eye on Roz... ☺

We'll be having another match in a few weeks at the GOB club in Pulaski, TN. Anyone wanting to attend is invited and we will announce the next match here on the forum a few days in advance. We hope to see you all there!

Harold Rushton

Match Results

Name Score Rifle
Harold Rushton 59/60 USFT #19
David Brown 54/60 Steyr 110
Terry Almond 50/60 Daystate Huntsman
Pat O'Brein 47/60 USFT Carbine

WFTF - International
David Slade 48/60 Theoben MFR

Charles Garvey 46/60 USFT Hunter
David Stewart 6/60 R-9 **(New Shooter)**

Roz Sumpter 41/60 Park 93
Cliff Smith 33/60 Air Arms TX200
Steve Vines 33/60 Air Arms TX200
Shane Iceberg 29/60 Air Arms TX200HC
Spence 27/60 R-11