GOB Jan 31 Match Results

Today Roz Sumpter invited us over for a Good Ole Boy's Field Target match at his place in Pulaski, Tennessee. The weather was beautiful with the temperature near 50 degrees and plenty of sunshine. It had to be the best day that we've had for Field Target all winter.

Everyone arrived at the range around 10:00 AM. We all had a nice time talking before getting down to the business of sighting in our equipment. It was great to see our new guy, Kevin B., back for more. I think we got him hooked pretty good at the last match a couple of weeks ago. Most of our other regulars were also in attendance. After about an hour and a half of sighting and talking, we had a shooters meeting before heading out to the course.

Today's match consisted of 60 shots total. The course was set up with ten lanes, two targets per lane, three shots per target. One lane was designated as a kneeling lane only. The remaining lanes were at the shooters choice.

I was paired up with Rod Bradley at this match. Rod was shooting his Walther Dominator and he didn't miss many shots with it. I was shooting my USFT and it was doing exactly what it was designed to do... Knocking down field targets. We had a great time shooting together and talking about gun stuff. Rod and I both own a bunch of springers and PCPs so we always have a good time comaparing notes. Today was no exception. We had a couple of hours of nothing but shooting and airguns. Man, I sure enjoyed it!

David Brown was trying out his new Orange USFT today. Considering that he hadn't even fully set everything up the way he plans to, he shot it very, very well. David has really improved his game and I predict that he's going to be shooting some top scores this season. David shot with Robert Ray today. Robert came over from the Memphis area to shoot with us. He was shooting his trusty old USFT too. We now have several USFT's showing up at the GOB club this year. Looks like it's going to get tougher and tougher to win a match around here!

When it was all over, I had dropped two shots and ended the day with the high PCP score of 58/60. Our high Piston shooter was Steve Vines with a 29/60 shooting that beautiful TX200. Anden Houben was right behind Steve in second place with a 27 shooting his TX200SR. Our high Hunter shooter was Charles Garvey with a 44/60. Charles was shooting a USFT Hunter Carbine. Great shooting guys!

After the match Roz treated us to some fantastic Italian Sausage/Hot dogs. We had a great time socializing after the match and planning for future events.

Once again we thank our host, Roz Sumpter, for inviting us over to shoot. It was a great day with a great bunch of guys! What more could we ask for...

See you guys next time!

Harold Rushton

Match Results
Name Score Rifle
Harold Rushton 58/60 USFT #19
Rod Bradley 53/60 Walther Dominator
David Brown 52/60 USFT
Robert Ray 51/60 USFT
Roz Sumpter 51/60 Theoben MFR

Name Score Rifle
Steve Vines 29/60 TX200
Anden Houben 27/60 TX200SR
Kevin Blankenship 25/60 TX200
Shane Iceberg 21/60 R-9

Name Score Rifle
Charles Garvey 44/60 USFT Hunter