DFTC May 31 Match Report

Sunday morning I got up and starting loading up my truck with air rifles, targets and gear for the long awaited Fun Shoot at Diablo Rod and Gun Club. The weather was relatively clear with a light breeze and looking like it could develop into a very nice day temperature wise. After loading up the Caldwell Shooting Gallery and securing the cargo with a bed bar, I fired up the old diesel and made my way down hill to pick up donuts and coffee.

Unfortunately, I didn't make it that far as steering got really stiff by the time I got to the donut shop at the bottom of the hill! Power steering fluid was leaking fast and furious so after grabbing breakfast in a bag, I muscled(no understatement, lol) the steering of my old F-350 Crew Cab Dually and made my way back home, parked the truck and transferred everything I could into my van conversion as fast as possible. Time was ticking to get there and I was running late! All I could think and feel is the deck seems stacked against me today, Ill deal with the truck later, gotta get to the Fun Shoot as people are expecting me to bring guns, targets and other important stuff like a BBQ grill and food to throw on it for lunch!

As I got closer to the range, I call Lonnie S. to see how its going and how packed it is. He tells me there are a couple free benches and that I might get one if I got there soon. Oh well, if there isn't, most of the fun is seeing everyone I do know and meeting new people and talking air guns! Pulling into the crowded parking lot, I was excited knowing that we've got a big turnout with a few cars I didn't recognize.

Walking thru the doors of the Multi Purpose(MPR) Range is always like a family reunion. Warm, friendly, familiar faces of people that I've shot air guns with for Fun and/or Competition through the years in addition to new faces which are always a welcomed sight. Much to my surprise, I found an empty bench and quickly put my gear on it! It was crowded and people were still coming in:

The range had a large variety of targets set up for everyone to enjoy. Field Targets, Spinners, Paper Targets, Knockover Targets, Bell Targets, paintballs & a sharpshooter shaving cream target were available to entertain and challenge. The Shooting Gallery that I couldn't take along wouldn't be missed too badly with all the targets at hand!

I went back outside to start unloading the rest of my gear and a lifted and customized European SUV pulls up and a couple guys get out. One walks up and asks, "Are you Tony?" I'm like, "Uh yeah, my name is Tony." "Hi, my name is Mike, and I've read some of your posts on the Yellow Forum, so I thought Id come check out the Fun Shoot!" The internet sure does make this world a small community me thinks! Apparently he drove a few hours to join in on the fun and see what we do and the various air guns at hand. He brought his bud and his cousin was en route with wife!

Another testament to how circumstance can bring airgunners together involves a new shooter at the Fun Shoot that likes to call himself Gino the Filipino! Last week, I was at a local gun shop taking care of paperwork on a pistol and a guy is looking at Kimber pistols and we start talking since I have one. As the conversation goes along, I let him know that I mainly shoot airguns and that I only recently started shooting powder burners. He then tells me, you know me and my friends shoot airguns and we've been looking for a place or club to shoot at, I have a TX200MKIII and...

So what a coincidence, I let him know of the upcoming Fun Shoot, exchange email address and low and behold who arrives at the Fun Shoot!!!:

The recent buzz of the debut of the new Crosman Marauder made Doug O.s #22(.22) a popular rifle to shoot and discuss at the Fun Shoot bringing tons of smiles and interest!

Another rifle that has building a big stir in the Air Gun World and at our club is the new Daystate Grand Prix rifle which Helder S. recently took delivery of. This was going to be The Big Day for Helder to get some quality time with his new FT Rifle as well as his BTAS HFT500(.22) or so he thought.

What's that old saying/phrase of Women and Children First! Well Helder brought the family along, and I bet you have an idea of what happened...The kids commandeered the Grand Prix and the good woman shot the BTAS!!! It was great seeing the wife and kids taking to the shooting sports as they did! Helder did a great job ensuring they had plenty of air and pellets on hand! :

[linked image]Elsewhere on the range, there were other young shooters, Mike G.'s daughter Maneva. Maneva is a 3P shooter that we are watching very carefully as this girl can SHOOT! She shot very well in her first FT match after getting an understanding of how to use a scope. She recently competed in our 10M league and took 2nd in her first match at our club!

She enjoyed her FT introduction so we brought a few air rifles for her to try so that she could get a feel for the equipment before purchasing a rig:

As the day progressed, it became quite evident that it was time for food for all so I took a break from talking with everyone and went to grab the grill and grilling material! After setting up the grill and lighting it, I quickly learned that I had left the buns for the hot links back at home with all the confusion of the truck losing its power steering!!! Luckily Mark said Ill drive into town and get some! Whew, he saved the day!!! Farmlands mild links have been the popular grill item and today was no different. Complimented with fresh fruit and other finger foods with cold refreshments, everyone was ready for more shooting and talking airguns! 

As the day wound down, a handful of us remained, basically comprised of FT shooters so we decided to pull the tables back so we could sit down and have a big ole plinking session with the resettable targets having a big ole time. Then someone comes walking through the door.

Zoe F. made the trek from Central California to say hi, shoot a bit and chat before the shoot closed down!

It was an extremely Fun and Safe event despite the few logistical mishaps that occurred. Cant wait to see these folks and meet more new ones at the next event at Diablo Rod and Gun Club!

Special thanks to Pat J. who photographed the event and Kevin Y. for being the range master for the day.