Diablo FT -- June 21 Match Report

Fathers Day turned out just about perfect for shooting FT the temperature was about 80, the wind was present but never overwhelming and more importantly the company was good. We had 15-16 shooters 3 Jrs and most everyone in Springer Class. A number of the usual suspects didn't make it out Tony, Ron E, Greg, Riz... So it was a bit lonely in PCP with Jon and I holding down the AA class.

The match should be nicknamed the "Rivalry Match", i think Doug B the Match facilitator sharpened his pitchfork for the day. To start-out, Maneeva and her dad Mike were paired up, but dad didn't provide much competition so Maneeva moved on to take on Irene, her 3P coach. Maneeva is our local 3P ringer; she shows up to her first 10meter match and whips all but 1 one of the guys. OUCH. Helder and his teenage daughter Bianca were paired up; do teenagers ever listen to their parents? Imagine the tension. Wild Bill and I were teamed up, Bill preceded to berate me most of the match, funny how he only hurled insults when i was shooting.

When it was all over Helder's daughter Bianca edged Maneeva and Maneeva beat her coach. Pat takes hunter class shooting a GAMO and a x12power scope with a 33. I think we'll give Pat a slingshot next month. Lonnie comes out of no where to upset Doug and Paul to take Piston. I narrowly squeak by to take PCP.

Bianca 24
Maneeva 22
Irene 16

Pat 33
Eric 20
Tim B 12
Jun 8

Lonnie 34
Paul B 30
Doug 27
Jonathon 19

Kevin 39
Helder 34
John 33
Bill 33