Diablo Field Target Match Results
July 19

The temps hit 102 degrees today, clearly taking its toll on shooters and equipment, no doubt about it. As we started gathering toward the clubhouse and refreshments, the look of heat fatigued faces that were relieved to be out of the sun were everywhere. As score cards were submitted curiosity abound despite all the fatigued shooters, creating a mild buzz throughout the room.

Springer Class:

1. Paul B. 37
2. Pat J. 36
3. Jon R. 33

PCP Class:

1. Lonnie S. 44
2. Riz M. 40
3. Greg T. 30

AA Class:

1. Guy O. 43
2. Kevin Y. 42
3. Tony I. 38

Junior Shooters Class:

1. Maneeva G. 25

It was an exciting day with some special highlights. In Springer Class, Paul B. has been working hard at improving his game and keeping close on Pat J.s scores. At the end of the day, Pat walks up to Paul and says, "Ya got me!" Paul was so stoked, his face lit up with a big smile and he gave Pat a hug! Paul shot a personal best to earn that 1st Place, so it was a very special moment indeed!

Jonathon R. is a new springer shooter that just started up with Diablo this year and his scores are improving having shot a personal best this match, without the use of straps and using hold over at that. His goal since the first match has been continuous improvement and he's progressing exceptionally well. Were gonna be keeping a watchful eye on him as the season continues, the guy has skills!

In PCP Class, Lonnie S. shot a personal best, earning a 90%+ pin and the top honors for the day. Ron E. was shooting his faithful EV2 MKII but did it this time without the use of straps! He is training to compete at this years US Field Target Nationals in International Class, a fine performance indeed as its a huge transition to suddenly stop using straps after having trained and refined your technique with the use of straps.

Now that the shooters meeting was done, on to the Good Stuff! BBQs were fired up and after a bit of grilling, lunch with the all the fixins was ready for all the tired and hungry! Baby Back Ribs, Korean Ribs, Lechen (Filipino Style Deep Fried Pork), Brisket, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad, Cole Slaw, Corn on the cob, etc. were on the menu! I think its a fair statement that no one was left hungry!!! Not only were the Food Tables stocked well but so were the Swap Meet Tables!!!

Tempting Fate were items like a Rapid MKII FT Rifle, Air Arms S410 in custom Target Stock, HW77, RWS94($70), SCUBA Tanks, scopes ,etc. All kinds of good stuff that an airgunner NEEDS!!! Personally I couldn't resist the HW77 and a set of binoculars to bring on the ride back home!

Afterwards, we grabbed our guns and started plinking and hanging out at the sight in range! Lots of talk about the course, shooter feedback and airguns!

Thanks again to Diablo Rod and Gun Club for hosting another wonderfully fun, safe and challenging shooting event! Special thanks to Pat J. for taking all the photos again! Looks like the new shooters all had a great time, looking forward to seeing everyone at the next go round!