Airgunning Atlanta July 19 Match Report

The morning started early at Airgunning Atlanta as I met Ken around 8:00AM. He said he'd been there almost an hour before I arrived and had the sight-in range set up and ready for the gang. We sat and shot on the practice range for about an hour and talked about spring guns.

Ken was shooting his new-to-him Whiscombe JW60 and I was shooting my new Air Arms Prosport. Nothing like a couple of proud parents to talk their jaws off about their new kids you know.

We had been shooting about an hour when Eddie Horne showed up. He was followed shortly thereafter by Doug Vinson. While Eddie and Doug warmed up, Ken and I said good morning and headed to the lanes to set up and clear out some of the accumulated undergrowth in preparation for our match.

We cleaned up 10 lanes and decided to shoot a 50 shot match today. Eddie and I (David Kirby) shot Hunter Division while Ken and Doug battled it out for Piston Division honors with their Whiscombes. Did I mention how beautiful the weather was today? Absolutely gorgeous!! Especially for the last bits of July. We even had a cool breeze blowing in the afternoon. It made it feel like fall.

Doug was too much for Ken and won Piston Division with a score of 44/50 to Ken's 33/50. Doug's turning into a real force to be reckoned with shooting that Whiscombe JW75. In Hunter Division, Eddie drove his BSA Super 10 PCP to first place with a 38/50 over my 27/50.

We all went to Bess' Place for lunch for some of the best burgers to be had afterwards and decided to go back to the range for some more shooting after lunch. Its a sickness isn't it? HAHA Shooting on the practice range for an hour or so showed us that we really shouldn't waste this beautiful day. So we decided to have a go at another match.

To mix things up a bit, I swapped rifles and shot my Beeman HW97K in Piston Division. Doug had to leave after 6 lanes, after only dropping 4 points mind you, so the rest of us soldiered on and finished the match. Ken bettered his earlier score with a 34/50 to edge me out with my 27/50 for Piston Division. Eddie showed his consistency by shooting another 38/50 his second time around too.

Such a beautiful day! And we got to spend most of it outside shooting. You can try to get better than this, but its gonna be real hard. We look forward to next time when more of our friends and some new faces can come out and share a day of shooting and fellowship with us here at Airgunning Atlanta.

by Dave Kirby