Yegua Airgun Club Sept 7th Match

Well I was sitting in the airport waiting to get back to Houston from the Nationals so I thought I would catch up on the FT and Silhouette match held the week before the Nationals.

Just a little note. It was announced this weekend that the Nationals will be held at the Yegua facility in October 2009. I know all of our members are honored to be selected to host the National. Hope everyone can attend as I know the club will put in a great effort to make this a fantastic event.

Well back to the last match. It was a beautiful day in Texas and Scott York put in a great effort and won the PCP FT match. Ron won the Hunter division and Leo was the highest springer in the event. Carlos won the rifle silhouette match. Here are the stats from the event.

Shooter Gun Scope Pellet 42-Targets Place

Scott York Anschutz NS 10-50 CPH 38 1st PCP
Paul Conover USFT NS 10-50 JSBH 37 2nd PCP
Chad Reno RN-10 NF 8-32 CPH 36 3rd PCP
Ron Robinson QB-78 Bush 4-12X JSBH 36 1st Hunter
Raschel York Anschutz NS 10-50 CPH 34
Carlos Garza AA300 Bush 4200 32X JSBH 34
Mike Vredenburg AA410 Bush 4200 6-24 JSBH 33
Leo Duran TX 200SR Leupold Comp JSB Lite 29 Piston
Bobby Roberts EV2 Tasco 10-50 JSB Lite 27
Sam Ramirez AA S410 Leaper 8-32 JSBH 25
Eric Branch MFR Leapers JSBH 22
Nathan Roberts EV2 Tasco 10-50 JSB Lite 18

Silhouette Rifle Scope
Carlos Garza 23 out of 40 shots
Ron Robinson 22
Bobby Roberts 21
Keith Kolojaco 20
Mike Vredenburg 18
Stephine Kolojaco 16
Scott York 16
Eric Branch 15
Paul Conover 9
Sam Ramirez 7
Nathan Roberts 2

Thanks Paul

I have included some pictures of the event.

One of Scotts' new targets!

Targets in the tree

Some of the 30 lanes at Yegua