Waterloo Field Target Club

Results for June 28, 2008

Waterloo Winners.  Back: Hans, Don, Bert, Dennis L, Luke, Neil, Dennis E., Front: Ted, Bill

As we drove to the match under overcast skies and rain, it did not look good for a pleasant match in the woods. The forecast was for 70% chance of rain and thunderstorms for pretty well the whole day, which would result in a match on the 100 meter sight in range. This is one time that I am very glad the forecast was wrong, at least for our little spot in Elmira. The rain ended before match time and the sun peeked through fairly often. There was a nice breeze that made it very comfortable for us all day. I think a few people stayed away for fear of bad weather and they certainly missed a pleasant day and a great match.

Due to the wet spring, the forest was very lush and green, a perfect setting for the day. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes really liked the day as well and did their best to share it with us. With lots of bug spray, we were good to go.

The course had a nice blend of targets ranging in difficulty from 16 to 70, combining for an average difficulty of 35.4T. Just when you thought the hard part was over, you would walk up to the next lane and realize maybe it wasnít over yet. Thanks to all who set up a fine course.

After the shooterís meeting we headed out right at 11:00 AM and the six squads began the quest to knock them down. The forest and wood platforms were still wet, but no rain fell during the match and the things dried up quite well by the second half of the match.

The four hunters had some good competition, but Dennis Lís Hunter Division experience really showed as he won the Top Gun award. Neil, shooting with us for the first time, shot very well to claim the first place award. In a real departure from his normal shooting style, Bill used the Benjamin with open sights to capture second, followed by Luke, a junior shooter, who took third.

There were just seven shots separating all four shooters in the Piston Division, but on this day, James, shooting Limited Piston, was really shooting well and took the Top Gun for the division. Ted, shooting limited, also had a great day and ended up with the first place award. George captured the limited second place award. Len also shot very well, tying Tedís score, but was the only shooter in the open part of the division.

Five shooters were vying for the awards in the PCP division, including one limited shooter. As he said he would, Don broke out the .22 cal S410 for this match and showed the gun was indeed as accurate as he had claimed it was. He posted the top score of the day and was the pcp Top Gun. Dennis E. was close behind and claimed the first place award. Bert and Hans shot together and took second and third awards respectively.

I have continued to improve with the limited shooting style, but like Len, was alone in my particular class.

We had the targets pulled and were on our way quite early. Thanks to the WFTC for hosting this match. A bunch of us shared some conversation over supper at Tim Hortonís. All in all it was a great day.

Now we are all looking forward to the Canadian National on July 12th and 13th. We have the lanes cut and lane boxes will be finished this coming week. We are going to enjoy great company, a great match and some really good food. I hope to see many of you in Port Colborne for this exciting event.

Tim MacSweyn

Rifles are .177 unless designated otherwise.


Score /60




PCP Division

1) Don Irvine*

56 TG

AA S410E

B&L 6-24

JSB .22

2) Dennis Eden*

54 1st

Theoben MFR

Deben 10-50


3) Bert Babicher

44 2nd


Simmons 6.5-20


4) Hans Bormann*

19 3rd


Bushnell 8-32


Limited PCP

1) Tim MacSweyn*


S400 EX SL

B&L 36


Piston Division

1) Len Joe


FWB 300S

Bushnell 8-32


Limited Piston

1) James Jackson*

48 TG


Hawke 8-34


2) Ted Gibson

45 1st


Bushnell 8-32


2) George Harde*

41 2nd


Bushnell 8-32


Hunter Division

1) Dennis Leite

81 TG


Bushnell 5-15


2) Neil Sherwood

59 1st


Fitco 2-6

CR 10.5

3) Bill Skikatani

55 2nd

BEN Sh. G397

Williams peep


4) Luke Riddel (Jr)

44 3rd

Baikel MP512

Rex 3-9


TG - Top Guns in their Division

* Set up lanes for the match

** Decided by shootout