May 18, 2008 WWCCA Field Target Match Report

We had our second match of the 2008 season and it sure was nice to be able to shoot on the walkthrough range again. Rick Stoutenberg, Steve Sibal, my wife Karen and I worked for about 4 hours on Saturday to clear the lanes so we could shoot. Between the chain saw, weed whackers, rakes and the muck we all looked like the swap monster but the time we were done, Rick even contributed some blood to the cause. Several weeks ago Rick, my brother Joe, Karen and I had worked on the cleanup but we didn’t get the task quite completed. There still is a lot for work that needs to be done but we can shoot our field targets the way they should be {in my opinion}.

The day started out at 58 degrees when Karen, Dan Delproposto, and I arrived at the club at 8:30 AM to open up the range and the forecast was for wind and scattered showers which turned out to be just about how the day turned out. We had setup our paper targets and spinners on Saturday and had the field targets in the trailer and hooked up to the golf cart trying to decide how to proceed, so we thought we would risk getting wet and setup the targets in the walkthrough range. We had a club member Frank McDonald join us and he brought his son Ryan and his friend Darek Mason along. Dan DelProposto also brought his daughter Allison to the event. We may have some future field target shooters in the ranks. The shooters went out to the range and setup the 60 shot course and Dan setup a lane for Allison to give FT a try.

We started the match at 10:30 AM and we had a sprinkle at 11:28 for 10 minutes and again at 12:10 for 5 minutes, but it wasn’t that bad. The course wasn’t a cake walk, and the wind played a part in redirecting the shots on several of the lanes. Rick Stewart had his elevation knob slip on his fifth lane and had difficulty from then on but he still had a decent round. Frank brought the boys out to give it a try, and my wife Karen let them try out her HW-97 and, though they didn’t get the targets to fall, they did get face hits; great job guys.

Shooter Gun Scope Caliber Pellets Score
Steve Sibal NJR-100 Tasco 177 CPH 48
Tim Engelhardt Prosport Nikko 10-50x60 .177 JSBL 43
Rick Stewart HW-97 Swift 8-32x50 .177 CPL 27
Karen Engelhardt HW-97 Nikko 10-50x60 .177 CPL 24
Allison Delproposto Gamo BSA Red Dot .177 JSBL 8
Dan DelProposto Gamo BSA Red Dot .177 JSBL 7

Thanks to all the shooters for their help in the course clean up and hopefully Rick and I can spend some more time working on the course before the next match. We have some plans for the range and more target placement options would be nice. Our next scheduled field target match is on June 22nd and hopefully we get some more of the regulars at the event. We will be doing our course cleanup/pre setup on Saturday and we shall see how its works. Until the next report, God Bless everyone.

Tim Engelhardt
WWCCA Air Gun Chairman