WWCCA August 17, 2008 Match Report

We had wonderful weather for our field target match this month. It was a bit cool when we arrived at the club at 8 am though it warmed up to the upper 80’s when we completed the match around 2:00 pm. Sunshine ruled the day and it made finding the targets very difficult, especially in the dark lanes, resulting in lots of missed targets.

I have been taking NRA instructors’ classes for the past two weeks at the club and was just a little worried about how I was going to get the prep work completed. Dan Delproposto was a great help to me this event as he had cut the shooting lanes, painted the targets and had everything ready for us on Sunday morning. I must complement him on an excellent job in target selection and placement. Rick Stewart, Fritz Sanders and Karen set up the practice range while Dan and I set up the field targets on the walk through range. Although we started the match a little later than usual everything worked out great. Our usual 60 shot event was very challenging this month and hopefully it will help Karen and I shoot better at The Nationals next
month. Special thanks to Dan for all his hard work and to all the participants for their help in the set-up and clean up after the event.

Shooter Gun Scope Caliber Pellet Score
Dan Delproposto Daystate X2FT Bushnell 8-32X40 .177 JSBH 41
Tim Engelhardt Air Arms Prosport Bushnell 6-24X40 .177 JSBL 39
Rick Stewart HW-97K Swift 8-32X50 .177 CPL 31
Fritz Sanders Air Arms TX200HC Swift 8-32X50 .177 CPL 30
Karen Engelhardt HW-97K Nikko 10-50X60 .177 CPL 15

We hope to see some more participants at our next field target match which is scheduled for

September 21, 2008. Please remember to pray for our troops and keep talking up our wonderful group.

Tim Engelhardt