WWCCA September 21, 2008
Field Target Match Report

I was wondering what the day would bring, as it was foggy when we arrived at the range at 8:30 am. But the fog lifted while we were on the practice range and by the time we completed the course of fire the sun had shown its wonderful face. It was in the lower seventies with a 5 to 7 mph wind, you couldnít ask for a better September day in Michigan. Dan Delproposto and I set up the range on Saturday and it was sure nice to see some standard sized kill zones on the field targets after our experience at the Nationals last week. Fritz Sanders resolved his elevation knob issues on his TX 200 and shot his best match this season for first place in the piston division. James Sumpter gave Fritz a run for his money, as James and Fritz shot the same score. However, Fritz shot a longer string of targets with no misses for the tie breaker. Congratulations Fritz on some great shooting.

Jim StanisTheoben MFRLeopoldJSB.17756PCP
Rick BroughtonTheoben E TypeHawke 3-12JSB.2252Hunter
Fritz SandersTX 200 HCSwift 8-32x50CPL.17749Piston
James SumpterTX 200 SRBSA 10-50x60JSB.17749Piston
Tim EngelhardtProsportBushnell 6-24x40JSB.17746Piston
Rick StewartHW-97Swift 8-32x50CPL.17740Piston
Karen EngelhardtHW-97Nikko 10-50x60CPL.17720Piston

We were all blessed to be out on the range and it sure was nice to see some of our local shooters that we havenít seen at the club this season. Everyone that attended the match commented on the great weather and how much fun it was to shoot the targets, it wasnít nearly as difficult as the Nationals were last week as the scores show. Thanks to Dan Delproposto for cleaning up the practice range as the shooters headed to the walk through range for the field target lanes. Special thanks to Fritz Sanders, James Sumpter, Rick Stewart and Karen for their help in cleaning up and storing the equipment after the match. Jim Stanis and Rick Broughton had family commitments to attend to as did Dan, but it was great to have everyone take time out to enjoy our wonderful club. We all need to squeeze in any time at the range we can.

This was our last scheduled field target match for the season and as in past years we will have our family fun shoot next month to close out our season. Itís been quite a learning experience for me and Karen in that we have shot field target for several years and there is much more involved in actually setting up and running an event than we anticipated. Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement in our new responsibilities as air gun chairpersons at WWCCA.

Tim Engelhardt

WWCCA Air gun Chairman