WSC October 19 Match Results

This match was planned as a Troyer 32.  However,  a strong breeze and low temperatures effectively turned it into something somewhat more difficult.    Nevertheless the match proceeded after a late start and we all played without a hitch.  It was good to greet our old friends John Way and Roy Rupert and to see that John has not lost his touch.  Those Discovery Prototypes are looking more and more interesting.  What will Crossman market from this program?  When?

Name Score Rifle Scope Pellet Velocity
Open Class
John Way 41 AA RN10 Leupold 35X CPH 878
Hans Apelles 40 Discovery Leupold 35 CPH 870
Ray Apelles 37 Discovery Leupold 35X CPL 805
Fred Bingham 36 BAM 50 Leapers 32X CPL 840
Mike Miller 35 Daystate Merlin Bushnell 6-24X JSBEH 880
Roy Rupert 14 Discovery Hawke CPL 840
Piston Class          
Kirk Whalley 30 TX200 Bushnell 8-32X CPL 970
Ken Pike 28 HW97 Bushnell FTS 832
Harold Schaefer 17 HW97 Legend 5-15X JSB 860
Hunter Class          
Joe Dennis 35 BAM 50 Leapers 5-16X CPH 905
Brian Williams 32 Daystate Air Wolf Bikko 6-24X JSB .20  
Edward Judge 23 Dominator Walther JSBEH 875