STLAGC-CIA May 24 Match - Results

The weather was projected to be a nice sunny 83 degrees for the Saturday match. Instead what we got was a whooping 58 degree with a high of 63 and looking like it would rain any minute. Even with it being the holiday weekend shooters managed to find time to make it to the match.

My brother tagged along for the fun this time, making him a first timer to the FT lanes. Carl Maple was a return shooter from the March match that we all got rained on, and frozen to death in with 38 degree temps and 15-20 mph winds. It was good to see him returning to shoot again.

The match went off without a hitch. All shooters were ready to get it going before we could get rained out. So it was 15 lanes with 60 shots to the finish line, in what has to be the best course to date. There were a large mixture of shots in the lanes to keep a shooter thinking. Longest shot of the day was about 52 yards, but several .750 @ 30-35 yard shots were also present to make a shooter pay attention to what was out there. There were two Up-Tree shots with the first at about 27 yards, and probably about 25-30 feet in the air. The second one 15 feet up and out to about 47 yards. Lane Nine was the offhand lane with four targets worth one point a piece. Lane 2 was a forced kneeling.

After the match we all sat down to a nice meal prepared by the most gracious host and hostess.

Piston Class
Jonathan Cohen - HW77 46
Carl Maple - RWS 54 (.22cal) 32
Dave Mizell - Air Arm TX200 19

Open Class
Reinder Shilskys - Styer 110ZM 53
Greg Chamberlain - Styer 110ZM 51
Chris Fuller - Air Arms EV2 46
Ed Stack - Xisco B51 13
Gary Anthony Discovery/Talon (shot course standing) 11
Robert Zack - 11
Ced Chamberlain - BSA Hornet 6

Note: Jacob had to leave early and DNF

Some of the Special Guests of Honor
Some of the Special Guests of Honor