Port Colborne Field Target Club

Results for October 4, 2008
It was a balmy seven degrees Celsius when I pulled into the club at 8:00 AM and skies were partly cloudy. Shortly after that the guys started showing up and setting up the lanes they were responsible for. Before long the temperature rose to a more respectable level and a sweatshirt was all that was needed to be comfortable. It was great to welcome Marshall to his first FT match and he sure made the best of it.

After the course was all set up and everyone was dialed in, we headed out to the lanes in eight squads with two shooters per squad. The course had great variety in target placement and difficulty. The average on the Troyer scale was 33.9 and it offered something for all levels. Wind was very light and not really a factor, but I feel the emergence of the mosquitoes when it warmed up should have raised the difficulty. I could not find the column for mosquitoes or pests on the spread sheet to calculate the difficulty.

By the break, most of us were scratching our heads about at least one target that stumped us. After a bite to eat and a drink, we were back at it for the second half.

When the dust had settled, Tom J. had earned Top Gun for the hunters and Dennis L. and Marshall were tied for second, forcing a shoot off. Braden, one of our junior hunters rounded out the awards for hunter by claiming fourth and the Junior Hunter, Top Gun award. In our shoot off, Dennis was able to take the target down on his first shot and Marshall split his pellet on the edge, giving Dennis L. second place and Marshall third in his very first FT match. Stan and Luke were tied for fifth and Haley raised her score six points from last match. Congratulations to all the Hunter Division.

The Piston Division consisted of two shooters after the award of Top gun. On this day it was Len who had the hot hand and ended up Top Gun. Bill shot a good score as well and who knows which one will prevail next time.
The PCP Limited class had four shooters this time, but only two awards were available due to a late entry. Within two lanes, Chris had all the dropped shots for the match and was the top shooter of the day with a 57/60, earning him Top Gun honours in his class. After a good start, I struggled to hang on for second and Ted and Jeremy placed third and fourth respectively. Jeremy moved from the Hunter Division to the Limited PCP field target division after just one match and scored very well. It will not be long before an award will be making the trip home with him.
Three shooters battled it out in the Open PCP Division. Tom P. was able to clip Don by one point to win the division, Don placed second and Dennis E. was third.

Since some had places to go after the match, awards were presented and targets were pulled. A few that could stay shot on the sight in range for fun or to try another rig. Everything was wrapped up and packed up by supper time and we all headed our separate ways.

We have been planning a hunter style match to be held at Port Colborne since the early summer and have now scheduled it for November 1st, since other Elmira Club commitments led the cancellation of the field target match scheduled for that day in Waterloo. Details for the match will be sent out soon and we are keeping our fingers crossed for great fall day. Get those hunter rigs dialed in and do not forget to brush up on the rules for the Hunter Division if you have not had the experience of shooting in this division.

Thanks to everyone who attended and made the day a very enjoyable one. Thanks also to everyone that set up lanes and helped in any way. Field target shooters are a great bunch and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Tim MacSweyn

Results Chart

Rifles are .177 unless designated otherwise.

Place, Shooter, Score, Gun, Scope, Pellet
Hunter Division -- Score /120
1 Tom Jackson 88 AA S400 Leapers 8-32 JSBJ .22
2 Dennis Leite* 77** EWC-QB79 Leapers 8-32 JSBL
3 Marshall Doan 77** Cr 2260 Tasco 6-24 RWS .22
4 Bradon Meeboer -J 67 Cr 2289 Simmons 6.5-20 Benj
5 Stan Robertson 55 QB 79 Leapers 4-16 RW-FT .22
6 Luke Riddell -J 55 QB78 Rex 3-9 Cr .22
7 Haley Riddell -J 44 Baikel Mp512 Rex 3-9 CP

Piston Division -- Score/60
1 Len Joe 37 FWB 300S Bushnell 5-15 JSBL
2 Bill Shikatani 30 AA Pro Sport Bushnell 8-32 JSBH

PCP Division -- Score/60
1 Tom Peretti 52 SteyrLG100ZM Nikko 10-50 JSBH
2 Don Irvine* 51 Steyr LG100FT S&B FT JSBH
3 Dennis Eden* 41 USFT Leupold 35X CPH

Limited PCP -- Score/60
1 Chris Nicholson* 57 AA Pro Target BSA 10-50 JSBH
2 Tim MacSweyn* 44 AA S400-SL Deben 10-50 JSBL
3 Ted Gibson 41 Solo Bushnell 8-32 JSBL
4 Jeremy Zobel 28 AA MPR FT Bushnell 8-32 JSBL

J Junior
* Set up lanes for the match
** Place decided by shoot off