September 21, 2008 NAGS (Handicap)
FT Competition

On Sunday September 21st, 2008 the Nebraska Airgun shooters held their first Field Target Match. We had 5 shooters, Joe Freeborn, Phil Schmidt, Tony Green, Will Wilson and junior shooter Clint Wilson.

We could not have asked for a better day for a shoot. We started the FT/HFT competition at approximately 10:30 AM delaying the start by 30 minutes to see if we would have any late entries. Our course consisted of 10 shooting lanes with 2 targets on each lane. We shot the course twice for a total of 40 shots or points. We had targets with Kill Zones from 3/8th inch to 1 Ĺ inches and spread out from 15 yd to 55yds. George Davis was our Safety Officer on site and also filled in as match director.

Phil and Joe had decided to shoot Hunter FT against each other while Will, Tony and Clint shot the course in FT. The competition was certainly laid back and yet we followed all of the rules provided by the AAFTA to make this an official FT/HFT competition that will go down in the books.

Tony had problems with his scope prior to the start of the shoot as it appeared that it went bad. We thought at first that he was going to have to sit this one out. Clint came to the rescue and told Tony that he would share his HW50 .177. Well, what happened is that Clint and Tony shot the same gun for all 40 targets. That was really nice of our junior shooter to share. Way to go Clint.

In the meantime Phil, shooting HFT using his bipod, seemed to knock down just about everything he was shooting at. No doubt about it, Phil has a nice rig and has it set up good and is one heck of a shooter. Joe was shooting his RWS 54 and holding his own shooting HFT using a mono pod. He did great and gave Phil a run for his money.

The drama of the day came when Will started having physical problems and was seriously thinking about dropping out of the shoot at the halfway point. He was having problems with his legs and could barely walk, much less try and shoot. Anyway he sucked it up and said he would at least give it a try. Phil stepped up to the plate and became caretaker for Will. Phil was carrying a chair around for Will so he could take break in-between shots and shooting lanes. Phil was also carrying Willís gun from lane to lane. With Philís aid and assistance, Will was able to knock down 10 out of 20 targets on the second half of the shoot. I forgot to mention, Will got in bad shape on one of the lanes and could not even focus his scope. Phil took the gun and focused the shot and gave the gun back to Will who knocked down the target. Thanks a lot Phil for all of the help.

Phil ended up with first place in the Hunter division

Will, with the assistance of Phil took honors in the Field Target

Clint Wilson took first place for the juniors (he was the only junior there)

Regards, Will

William S. Wilson
Nebraska AirGun Shooters {NAGS}