IAFTC Match report - Oct 18

CO2 weather in Idaho!

We had CO2 weather in October. Worries that the liquid gas guns would not work were set aside by warm weather for our last match for the year at the Oregon Trail Range north of Pocatello. Of course that didn’t prevent anyone (you know who you were) from starting the match with a low powerlet, or no powerlet at all! With that out of the way, our 2008 move into pistol FT has been a good one albeit being nearly a Crosman only match. We shot the pistol match last hoping the weather would be warmer by then and it paid off. Temps were in the low 70S by noon. All gas guns were in their prime even for October. Perhaps more important than our scores, was the high level of kibitzing that went along with the match. Some of the best centered on Ash “the old school pumper” and his 1377. After several high shots it was conjectured that he pump it less, but Ash was undaunted, “That is out of the question”.

Bobby Roberts

Bobby Roberts from San Antonio stopped by to shoot with us. He and his dad both shot bucks in the week before. He also won the open class rifle FT class and the scoped pistol. It was a great trip for Bobbie. Bobby’s home club is Yegua and he wanted to remind everyone that Yegua is hosting the Nationals next year.

12 Foot Pound Alert!
The top rifle scores were shot with 12 Ft. Lb. guns, and the highest score was fired with a piston gun! The depths of the dark side (power and compressed air) were plumed, and they came up short. George and Bobby ruled the day.

Rifle, Piston
George Gardner, Theoben Evolution, Bushnell 6-18X, JSBL, 42/51
Ray Carter, RWS 52, Hawke Varmint #2 8-32X, JSBL, 18/51

Rifle, Open
Bobby Roberts, AA EV-2, Tasco Custom 10-50X JSBL, 40/51
Ash Covey Daystate X2, 6.5-20, JSBL, 38/51
Ron Gill, AAS400, Leapers 8-32X, CPH, 37/51

Ray Carter shooting Ash Covey keeping score

Pistol, Irons
Ray Carter, Crossman Custom, Tasco red dot, RWS Diabolo basic 12/18
Ash Covey, Crossman 1377, 3/18

Pistol, Scope
Bobby Roberts, Crossman/Giles Custom, 12X Leapers 12/18.
George Gardner, Crossman Custom, JSBL, Bushnell, 9/18

Our next match will be off site.