Good Old Boys Match Report

March 17 2008
Brad Troyer

The Good Old Boys airgun club held what was to be a 60 shot FT match on Saturday. The forecast was for morning showers and then clearing. With a scheduled 10:00 am start that would work. Well, as usuall the Weathermen didn't get it right.

There was a group of shooters already at the range when I arrived. It was raining but not hard. I got there just in time as the heavens opened up and the heavy stuff started. Being in the hills of Tennessee we were at a pretty high elevation and the lightening was spectacular. We had hail and heavy, blowing rain for a long while. That was ok, we had a group of shooters come down from Illinois to shoot with us so it gave us all a chance to chat.

The weather blew through and we broke out our airguns and started shooting. The wind was surprisingly slow considering that a storm just went though. After about an hour we headed out onto the course. The course was wet and muddy but we were all in good spirits and ready to shoot. It looked like we were going to get the match in even with all the bad weather. We even had the sun poke out of the clouds for while.

I was shooting with Big Ed from the CIA (Central Illinois Airgunners). We had a nice time shooting and chatting. Cliff Smith was visiting from TBA and he was shooting an ultra carbine R10 with a 9 in barrel in hunter class. Roz set out a challenging but fun course. We were having a great time until we started hearing some rumbles of thunder off in the distance. A sense of urgency started to take hold and we tried to hurry the shooting a bit. We got about 2/3rds of the way through the course when the rain came again. This time, it wasn't leaving.

We all headed back to the practice range and spent the remainder of the day shooting and discussing our new match format. We decided to shoot twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays. We are going to shoot a regular FT match each time and then either a Hunter match or a Silhouette match after that. Even though the match was cut short by rain it was still a great time at Roz's hollow. We would like to thank all the Illinois shooters that took the long drive down to Pulaski to shoot with us. We enjoyed their company and we hope they will come back again sometime when the weather is a bit nicer.

Brad Troyer