Good Ole Boys Match Report


Today was a great day for a Field Target Match! Roz invited us all over to his place for a Good Ole Boys match in Pulaski, TN. When I arrived this morning at 9:00 AM it was sunny and 72 degrees. What more could we ask for? I guess the weather had everyone's trigger finger itching because we had 19 shooters show up for the match.

We all had about an hour or so to get our rigs checked out on the sight in range. Then it was time for a shooters meeting. Today Roz had a nice course set up on his "White Course" area. We shot 11 lanes with two targets each and three shots per target. With this course we had one lane set up as a forced kneeling lane and one lane forced off hand. This gave us a pretty comprehensive course for the day. The remainder of the course was definitely challenging enough for all who shot it.

I shot piston class today with my Whiscombe JW-65 MKII. I was paired up with Robert Ray and we had a great time. Robert shot his USFT and came out smoking hot on the first part of the course. At about the half way point of the match Robert had only dropped one shot... That definitely motivated me to pick up my pace. I wasn't so fortunately on the first part of the course and dropped a few shots here and there from silly mistakes and wind.

As the match progressed we had a few shooters that were keeping the scores pretty tight. Brad, Roz, Rod Bradley and Rick Thompson were all shooting very well. As it turned out, Rick was on fire and didn't cut us any slack today. Way to go Rick!

When we were done, Rick Thompson was the PCP winner and had the high score of the day! Rick has become a hand full with that Theoben Vanquish. I guess we are going to have to catch up to him now that he has everything worked out with that rig...

After the match, Robert Ray volunteered to run the grill. Robert cooked us all a great burger and we all had a wonderful time of fellowship. As usual, I am looking forward to the next match. If you haven't been to a Good Ole Boys match, be sure and come shoot with us next time. We will have the next match at Roz Sumpter's place in Pulaski, TN on August 23, 2008. The range opens at 8:00 AM and the match will start at 10:00 AM. See you there!

Harold Rushton

Match Results
Name Score Rifle
Rick Thompson 60 Theoben Vanquish
Brad Troyer 56 NJR-100
Rod Bradley 55 Walther Dominator
Roz Sumpter 55 Theoben MFR
Robert Ray 53 USFT
David Brown 47 FWB P70
Dottie Berry 30 Beeman Mako
Pat O'Brien 22 Air Arms S410
Steve Vines 21 Daystate Huntsman

Harold Rushton 55 Whiscombe JW-65 MKII
David Slade 38 Whiscombe JW-50
Jim Geddes 32 Air Arms TX200
Anden Houben 24 Air Arms TX200
Robert H 16 Theoben Eliminator

Charles Garvey 52 USFT Hunter
Paul Oswalt 43 Theoben MFR
Charles Hipshire 31 Air Arms S400
John Blount 30 Air Arms S410
Sam Ramirez 17 (DNF) Air Arms S400 (Had to leave early)