GOB September 27 Match Report

Yesterday the Good Ole Boys Club in Pulaski, Tennessee had it's September Match. The weather could not have been better. It was sunny and in the mid 80's all day. We had a good attendance of 12 shooters, although some of our regulars weren't able to attend. You guys know who you are and we look forward to seeing you all next time...

We all had about an hour of sight in time on Roz's range before the first match started. As usual, we got a good idea of what our rigs were doing while shooting at some cool targets. Brad Troyer had a good assortment of his auto-resetting targets placed on the range and it was a lot of fun knocking those down. Anyone that hasn't had a chance to try one of those targets out has missed a real treat. They reset automatically after a hit without having to pull a string. Brad will have those available for sale before long and it will save a lot of string winding for back yard practice!

Roz had a good variety for us set up at this match. Actually, he had two separate matches ready. The first was a 20 shot hunter match. The second was a 40 shot standard Field Target Match. The scores of the two matches were combined to determine a final score for the day. So, this gave us all a chance to brush up on our Hunter skills!

The Hunter course was set out in the open field near Roz's house. So, that course allowed for some pretty interesting wind action. This time I shot with David Slade. We had a great time shooting together and talking as time permitted. He even brought along a couple of puppies to make the hunter experience a little more realistic! Well, not really that realistic, but they were well mannered and had about as much fun as we did during the match...

David was a tough competitor at this match. As we worked our way though the Hunter course, David and I missed one shot so we were even though most of the course... However, when we got down to the last couple of lanes, I ended up missing three more and got pretty far behind quickly. David ended the Hunter Course only one shot down with a score of 19/20. As it turned out, Rick Thompson was also shooting very good and ended the course with 19/20 as well!

After finishing the Hunter match, we all moved over to the standard Field Target course in the wooded area. I always enjoy shooting on Roz's courses and this was no exception. It is interesting to me that even though the course that we shot has only changed in minor ways since the Good Ole Boys Championship match this year, no one has cleaned the course this year. As a matter of fact, one target in particular rarely gets knocked down very often. It is a 3/4" KZ at 53 yards. I think it has a lot to do with the way that the wind moves the shots since the target is near a field. This time though, Brad Troyer managed to take it down two times in a row with his 12 fpe NJR 100.

After we had a chance to shoot through most of the course I noticed that Rick Thompson still had that familiar smile on his face so I was pretty sure that he wasn't missing many... As it turned out, that was the case. Rick has really got that Theoben Vanquish dialed in and went on to shoot the high score of the day 56/60! David Slade wasn't far behind with an ending score of 53/60. Cliff Smith shot the high Piston score of the day 43/60.

Overall, we had a great time Saturday. When the match was over Dottie Berry fired up the grill and made us all a great burger. Thanks Dottie, they were awesome! Our next match is scheduled for October 11, 2008. Make sure to mark it on your calendar and plan to come on over and shoot with the Good Ole Boy's Club in Pulaski, Tennessee!

See you all there!

Harold Rushton

Final Scores

Name Hunter Match Standard FT Total Score Rifle
Rick Thompson 19/20 37/40 56/60 Theoben Vanquish
David Slade 19/20 34/40 53/60 Theoben MFR
Roz Sumpter 16/20 36/40 52/60 Theoben MFR
Harold Rushton 16/20 34/40 50/60 Air Arms EV2
Charles Garvey 18/20 29/40 47/60 USFT
David Brown 17/20 29/40 46/60 FWB P70
Brad Troyer 11/20 34/40 45/60 NJR 100
Cliff Smith 12/20 31/40 43/60 Air Arms TX200 (Piston)
Pat O'Brien 2/20 19/40 21/60 Air Arms S410
Shane 11/20 10/40 21/60 Beeman ??? (Piston)
Anden Houben 1/20 17/40 18/60 Air Arms TX200 (Piston)
Mike Frizzel 0/20 5/40 5/40 Air Arms TX200 (Piston)