Tennessee State Match Report

The 2008 Tennessee State match was held yesterday at Roz Sumpter's place in Pulaski, Tn. The weather could not have been more beautiful. We were blessed with temperatures in the mid 60's and a clear sky. We had a pretty good attendance at this match with 29 shooters. Having expected a large number of shooters, Roz planned ahead and set up a 72 shot course. That was more than enough to keep us busy for several hours of hardcore shooting!

On Friday evening before the match, several guys started showing up at the range to shoot and hang out. We were honored to have Scotty York come to the match and he also brought a great talent that he's been hiding from some of us. Scotty prepared and cooked up some of the finest cuisine on a grill that I have ever enjoyed the pleasure of tasting! As a matter of fact, it was so good, that we have a number of pictures below of the food to document the occasion! Thanks again Scotty for sharing with us...

On Saturday morning everyone started showing up at the range early to get their respective rigs ready for the match. We were fortunate that the winds were light first thing Saturday and it was relatively easy to check everything out. Once everyone had arrived, Roz held a shooters meeting and then we were off to the course.

The course was set up with three targets per lane, two shots per target. Most lanes had three shooters per lane. So, it took nearly four hours to shoot the full course. Roz had designated two forced position lanes. One was a kneeling lane and the other was an offhand lane. However, this time Roz gave us a little twist to the offhand portion of the course. At the shooters end of the offhand lane, there was a small pine tree. For this particular match, the shooter must actually have contact with the tree while making each shot. That seemed to throw a little irregular twist into the mix and kept things interesting for all. Overall, I thought the course was set up with a good mix of easy, moderate and expert level targets. It's funny how the easy ones can divert your attention so easily. I sure underestimated some of the easy ones and let them get the best of me this time.

When we first started the match, the wind was not a factor. However, by the time we had shot three or four lanes, it was howling through the trees. I was shooting International with my 12fpe EV2 and had a good start until the wind kicked up. That made things really difficult after a few lanes. We had a very diverse range of equipment and shooters trying various Divisions and classes at this match. As it turned out, fifteen were shooting Open PCP, but the remainder were split between Hunter, Piston and International. Overall, there seemed to be a good variety of choice for everyone.

When we were done, the top dogs were all tied up! Robert Ray and Guy Omictin tied in the Open PCP Division for first place. Robert ended the day by winning first place in a shoot off with Guy. Great shooting Robert! The top Piston Division shooter was our Die hard Piston Aficionado, Cliff Smith! International's top shooter of the day was none other than Rod Bradley. Finally, Hunter Division was won by Charles Garvey. Way to go guys! Great shooting!!

When we were all done with the match, we all met up at the pavilion for a great BBQ lunch. Roz had the event catered by a local BBQ restaurant and it was superb! Of course my favorite was the caramel brownies for desert...

We would like to thank everyone for supporting this shooting event with your participation. It was great to see all of you guys and I am looking forward to next season already. I would also like to thank Roz Sumpter for hosting our matches all year. Roz is a fine host and has spent countless hours keeping up the course, targets and everything that goes along with these matches all year. Thanks again for everything Roz!

The Good Ole Boy's club will resume field target after the winter break. The first 2009 match will probably be held in March. When I have details from Roz, I will let you all know. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

Harold Rushton

Final Scoreboard (transcribed from pictures):

Open Division

Name Score Place
Robert Ray 68 1st
Guy Omictin 68 2nd
Tom Drenley 66 3rd
Ken Hughes 65 4th
Walt Pollock 65 5th
Roz Sumpter 68  
David Slade 62  
Reinder Schulsky 62  
Terry Garland 61  
Robert Hassenpfug 58  
Scott York 58  
Dave Vinson 56  
George Hamilton 55  
Robert Crocker 54  
Don Hyfield 39  
John Blount DNF  

Piston Division

Name Score Place
Cliff Smith 52 1st
Pete Matos 44 2nd
Steve Vines 42 3rd
Pat Obrien 28  
Andrew Heuben 27  

International Division

Name Score Place
Ron Bradley 63 1st
Harold Rushton 58 2nd
Brad Troyer 57 3rd

Hunter Division

Name Score Place
Charles Garvey 64 1st
David Brown 56 2nd
Michael Robbins 43 3rd
Charlie Hipshire 33  
Steve Cos 19  
Shane Iceberg 15