Good Ole Boys Match Report 05/24/08

Today the Good Ole Boys Club in Pulaski, Tennessee held another great Field Target Match. The weather was sunny and hot. The wind held off a bit at first, but it nailed us with some crazy changes in direction as the match moved along. We shot a 60 shot match with three targets per lane, two shots per target. The participation was down a little from usual, but it was probably due to this being Memorial Day weekend. We ended up having seven shooters show up and that was more than enough for a fun and challenging match. Roz had some special surprises for us at today's match. He has been working on the course and had definitely made things more challenging. We found some creative targets placed at distances that would make the most highly skilled marksmen concerned.

When we got started, I ended up shooting with David Slade today. We had a great time shooting and talking. I always enjoy shooting with David and we had a most pleasant time today in Tennessee. David and I got our lane assignment and found upon arrival that we were starting on the kneeling lane! I think we both had about the same reaction, but it worked out for the best. David started off and took down all of the targets. Then I followed with the same. So, we were both off to a good start after cleaning our first lane.

Roz shot with David Brown today. They seemed to be hanging in there pretty good. About half way through the match, David realized that he had blown the breech seal on his Daystate Airwolf. But even after discovering the problem, David was still knocking down most of his targets. It was impressive to see him continue and do so well. Roz didn't have much trouble at all. His rifle was shooting on the money and he was playing for keeps today!

Today's match was a lot of fun as usual. When it was all said and done, Roz was the top shooter of the day. He ended the day with a very impressive 54/60 on a tough course. After the match, we all went back to the pavilion and David Slade fired up Roz's grill. We had some awesome grilled burgers and discussed the match.

Once again I would like to thank our kind host, Roz Sumpter for inviting us over to shoot Field Target at his place. This is also a good time to mention that we are fast approaching the Good Ole Boys Championship Match that will be held on June 14-15, 2008. If you haven't already signed up, you can find the registration form and more information here: I would encourage everyone to make plans now to attend this match. The location is second to none and you are sure to have a great time to boot!

Happy Shooting

Harold Rushton


PCP Class
Name Score Rifle
Roz Sumpter 54 MFR
David Slade 51 Theoben MFR
David Brown 46 Daystate Airwolf
Dottie Berry 45 Beeman Mako
Pat O'Brien 23 Air Arms S-400

Piston Class
Name Score Rifle
Harold Rushton 46 Whiscombe JW-65 MKII
Anden Houben 20 Air Arms TX-200