Good Ole Boys Match Report 05/10/08

Yesterday the Good Ole Boys Club in Pulaski, Tn held another great Field Target match. The weather was somewhat uncertain until Saturday morning since there was a forecast for storms across the whole southeast. However, as it turned out, we were spared and the weather turned out to be rather nice. We had temperatures in the 70's with little to no wind. Everyone was ready to shoot and we had a good turn out for this match. Most of our regulars were there, as well as a new face or two.

Before the match, everyone had a nice time sighting in and shooting (some bull...) before the match. Roz had a nice variety of spinners and other metal targets to shoot on one side of the pavilion. On the other side he had set out a good variety of paper targets to fine-tune our rigs. When we had the standard safety briefing, Roz delicately mentioned that he had "tweaked" the course just a bit. Well, he wasn't kidding! He had changed several targets around and also added an 11th lane to the course. Since we were taking three shots per target, that meant we had a total of sixty-six shots during the match. It was great! We all got our lane assignments and headed out to the course about 10:00 AM.

I was paired up with Roz for this match. I always enjoy shooting with Roz and we had a great time shooting together. He was shooting his Theoben MFR and I shot my Air Arms EV-2 12 fpe rifle. I went first and missed a fairly easy shot on my first lane. As the match progressed Roz missed one or two and toward the end we were dead even, each down six shots on our last lane...

As it turned out Rick Thompson, Rod Bradley and David Slade ended up all paired together. They didn't get too loud, so we figured they were down to the serious business of shootin... As it turned out, they were all dead even through the match and ended with a nail biting finish on the off hand lane.

Roz had really changed the course for this match. He had added some serious difficulty for us all to ponder. As I recall, one target in particular on lane eight was 3/4" at 53 yards. I nailed it twice, but a slight breeze got one of my shots and it ended in a split. Another memorable target was a 55 yard target with about a 1" kz. That one was a doozie as well. Then there was the off hand lane! Both targets were deceptively difficult. The first, as I recall, was about an inch at 22 yards, but adding the factor of shooting down hill made it more difficult than normal. I found myself having a hard time getting comfortable to settle down and take the shot.

When it was all over and done the top scores were pretty close in the PCP division. Roz and I went into that last lane tied, but I blew it on my last target. It was around 1" at 54 or so yards. I mis-ranged the first shot and hit the rim at 6 o'clock. Then the second put it down, but I again my last shot was low. That finished me with a 58. Roz shot after I did and handled it like a champ! He cleaned the lane ending with a score of 60 and won the match with the high score of the day. Going back to Rick, Rod and David, they too were all neck in neck up to their last lane. When it was all done, Rod ended with a 56, David 55 and Rick also a 55. That was a close one for sure! Our piston shooters were scarce this week. However, it was great to see Bill Green for the first time this season. Bill took the top honors in the piston class with a 41.

Once again, we all had a wonderful time in paradise at Roz's Hollow. As usual, I can't wait for the next match. It is scheduled for 05/24/2008. Plan now to come on out and shoot with us!

Happy Shooting!

Harold Rushton

Match Results

Name Score Rifle
Roz Sumpter 60 Theoben MFR
Harold Rushton 58 Air Arms EV-2
Rod Bradley 56 Walther Dominator
David Slade 55 Theoben MFR
Rick Thompson 55 Theoben Vanquish
David Brown 46 Daystate Airwolf
Dottie Berry 42 Beeman Mako
John Blount 21 B51
Pat O'Brien 21 Air Arms S410

Bill Greene 41 Air Arms TX200
Steve Vines 24 Air Arms TX200
Anden Houben 17 Air Arms TX200